How To Download Songs From Saavn for Free {Updated 2019}

how to download songs from Saavn

Saavn is one of the best music App for listening to music. The app comes to a lot of useful features along with a low subscription fee. This app has gained huge popularity within a very short span since its launch. If you are having Saavn app on your mobile, you can enjoy unlimited songs anytime and anywhere. Here, in this article, we will guide you with the whole process, how to download songs from Saavn in 2019?

saavn music app

Saavn is compatible to most of the OS platformsWindows, IOS and Android. This music app has over 30 million songs from different genres, Hindi Bollywood songs, English songs, and many more. However, you can create your own playlist, share with your friends, chat about that songs, and lot more surprising features from Saavn.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy unlimited songs on Saavn for free, but to download songs you must need a pro Saavn subscription. Here in this article, we have picked out some of the best available methods to download Saavn songs on your device. Two of them are free tools wheres the rest are the paid ones.

Free Tools To Download Songs From Saavn

Here we are providing two third-party tools which will help you to download songs from Saavn for absolutely free of cost. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Download songs using Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder is a very good third party app you can use to download songs from Saavn. The app comes with many features which includes CD burner, audio conversion and much more.

Steps to download Saavn songs using Streaming Audio Recorder

  • Download the app on your windows system.
  • Open the app, you will find a red button which records the song being played.
  • Play the song and tap the red button to record the song and when done tap it again.
  • Click on the library option to find the recorded songs.
  • Copy them to your drive for future use.

Download songs using Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder is completely free to use and even requires no installation too. It is a very good tool to download Saavn songs on your device.

Steps to Download Saavn songs using Apowersoft Free Audio recorder

  • Visit the audio recorder webpage.
  • Launch the tool and select the audio source.
  • Select ‘Start’ from the center of the audio recorder tool.
  • Then move to Saavn and play the desired song you want to download.
  • ‘Stop’ it when recording has been done.
  • You can get your recorded files in Mp3 formats.

How to Get Saavn Pro Subscription?

how to download songs from saavn

Saavn pro is just amazing, you can download unlimited songs up to 5 devices with one single subscription. It means one subscription will unlock unlimited music for 5 devices. Below, we have shown how to get a pro subscription.

  • Open Saavn app on your smartphone.
  • Then tap the menu button from the left corner.
  • Select “Go Pro” option.
  • Now select the suitable subscription package according to your preferences.
  • Make the payment and that’s it, you are done.

How To Download Songs From Saavn Using Pro Subscription?

How to Download Songs From Saavn?

  • First thing first, if you don’t have Saavn app, then first download it from IOS, Android or Windows Store.
  • Now login with your social accounts or do it manually.
  • After that buy a subscription package according to your preference.
  • Once you have bought the subscription you can find download option on each song that you play on Saavn.
  • Click download option and it will automatically start downloading.
  • Once it gets downloaded, you can enjoy those songs later offline.

Now, we have found many requests on the internet about how to extract the music file from Saavn. Those of you who are using Saavn for the first time, do remember, even if you downloaded the music from Saavn you can’t play it on another app. Yes, you can play it offline, but using Saavn app only.

However, below we will show you a method to extract Saavn songs on your device. With this simple trick, you can easily play your downloaded songs from Saavn to other media players.

How To Extract Saavn Downloaded Songs on Your Smartphone?

No doubt Saavn is an amazing music app, but you might want to play the download songs into your favorite music player. So, we present a step by step guide by which you can play your downloaded Saavn songs to any other music player. Have a look.

  • First of all open Saavn music app, and choose the song that you want to extract.
  • Now, download the song (Only for pro users).
  • Once you have done with the downloading, play it approximately for 10 seconds and pause it.
  • Now open file explorer and follow the path. Internal SD card > Android > Data>>songs folder
  • Once you reach the destination, you can find the music that you have paused earlier.
  • You will see the file is named as “curr.mp3”, copy that file and paste it to any other folder or in your default music folder.
  • Now, rename the file and save it.
  • That’s all, Congratulations! your song has been successfully decoded.
  • Now you can play the music using any music player other than just Saavn.

The Best Alternatives To Saavn?

Saavn is a great music app for listening music on the go. However, there are some amazing alternatives to Saavn app. Below we have picked out some of the best alternatives to Saavn Music App.

  • Gaana App: Gaana and Saavn both have huge popularity among music lovers. And Gaana is one of the best alternatives to Saavn app. Like Saavn, this app also offers unlimited music under the pro subscription. If you get bored of using Saavn or not been able to download songs from the app, you can try Gaana app.
  • Wynk Music App: Wynk Music App is a very good music app with rich-quality music. Now, this music app offers free trial option for downloading and listening music. The pricing of Wynk Music App is quite lower than other similar apps.
  • Hungama: The most amazing feature on Hungama is the automatic download option. If you are a pro user, once you play any songs online it will automatically get downloaded for you. Competitively the interface is little disappointing for Hungama, but with automatic download option and ‘music by mood’ feature, Hungama is becoming very popular.

Wrap Up

So, this was all about ‘How to download songs from Saavn?’ Saavn is a great music app for downloading as well as listening songs on the go. By getting Pro subscription you can enjoy this app to the fullest. However, you can try alternatives of Saavn like Gaana or Wynk. Will see you soon. Visit Saavn and keep dancing to the beats!

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