How to Download YouTube Videos Using IDM

Want to download youtube videos with idm? Then you are on the right page. Youtube is a user-driven platform for best video contents on the internet. With millions of videos and billions of users youtube consistently growing better. On the other side when it comes to downloading, IDM is the best. With a simple interface and value-driven features, IDM is one of the best video downloaders you can have right now for downloading youtube videos.

Now, the question comes “How to download Youtube Videos Using IDM? “, I know many of you are facing problems to download videos using IDM, well, don’t worry here, I will show you the tricky way to download youtube videos using IDM that works.

download youtube videos using IDM

If you have installed one premium version of IDM or using 30 days trial. With this trick, you can easily download videos from youtube using any browser. If you haven’t installed yet, don’t worry I will show you the exact “step by step” procedure that works 100%.

Want to see how it works right now?, Here we go..

Step 1: So, let’s begin with downloading IDM, Here is the link: Download IDM. First, download IDM from the link I have given here, and Install IDM on your PC or Laptop.

Note: If you have already installed the IDM, then you don’t need to install it again. Just skip this step.

Step 2: Once you have installed IDM on your PC or Laptop. Now open your browser and one notification will come for installing IDM add-on or extension on Chrome or Mozilla or whatever browsers you are using. Install that extension on your browser and do follow these below steps

Go to “extension” section of your browser> Find out “IDM”> Click to “Always allow” button.

Note: If you have installed IDM already and it is not showing video”Download this video” then the above steps will help to fix your problems.

Step 3: Now, launch youtube on the browser. and once you click on a video, you will find “Download this video” option.

Note: Sometimes it may delay appearing “download this video” so, keep your patience and it will appear after some time.

Step 4: Once the “Download this video” option appear on a video, click on it and select the resolution you want and click to download. That’s it, You are done!

Note: The video resolution varies depending upon the video.

Backend Story

As, we already know that there is no way to directly download video from youtube, so what we have done here, we installed one external software that catches the youtube URL and shows you download link on every individual’s youtube video. This is easy and simple. Once you have installed IDM extension on chrome, it will automatically start appearing “Download this video” link on all youtube videos.


Q & A

  • How to fix the issue if  IDM is now showing “Download this video” on Chrome? 

Most of the IDM works perfectly but sometimes people face problems because of not showing “Download this video” option. To be honest, there is no full proof way to fix this issue but here I will show you some tricks that you can try.

This might happen because of three reasons one “If you have installed IDM but it is not associated with chrome extension”, and the second one is “You have installed chrome extension on Chrome but still not working because of some settings problem”,  and the last one is “If IDM is not updated”.Here I have given three videos that will hopefully fix your all problems.

Video: How to add IDM extension on chrome manually so that download link appears on videos.

Video: How to fix if you have already installed IDM chrome extension but still it is not working

Video: How to updated IDM so that download link appear on videos.

  • I have tried everything but IDM is not working, Is there any alternative?

No, problem! there are some alternatives that you can try. Here I have written one post on Best Ways To Download Youtube Videos On PC [100% Working], You will find best alternatives that work.

Hopefully, now you can download videos using IDM.

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