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In today’s world computers dominate every sphere of our life. Without computers, we cannot imagine our life. Every aspect of our life has been made simple and easy by the use of computers. The invention of the internet has bought everything close to our fingertips – be it shopping, studying online or even socializing. A trend that has been seen since a long time is that there is a huge gap between the academic syllabus taught in colleges, and the demands of the current information technology industry. This skill gap can be addressed by completing certification courses in various niche skills or technology.

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The competition is enormous in this age. Almost every other student nowadays have a college degree – the thing which makes someone unique is the extracurricular activities which they take part in, or specialization in a niche skill. According to latest data and statistics, online criminal justice degrees are in great demand nowadays, and there is a great demand for talented professionals in this field all over the world. Niche skill such as this is sure to give the professional an edge over his peers, with the promise of a good lifestyle and handsome salary. An online degree in Criminal Justice opens up your career for a wide range of prospects – ranging from Law and Order to the Forensic Department.

Best Online Criminal Justice Degrees

  • Florida International University: This is another University, whose main campus is located in Florida. More than half of the total students registered with the University prefer the online mode of learning. The classes here are not self-paced, and hence students should follow the deadline for submissions set by the faculty. The course is delivered via an online software called Blackboard. Virtual success coaches are assigned to every distance learners of the University.
  • Rutgers University – New Brunswick: Rutgers University at New Brunswick offers one of the highest graduation rate of any online colleges offering online Criminal Justice Degree. It provides either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. The department lists thirty plus job roles that can be pursued after getting a degree in Criminal Justice – ranging from law enforcement, government services and even the forensic department!

Few of the best online colleges in New Jersey are quite popular for criminal justice degrees. Statistics show that students from the New Jersey area are attracted to criminal justice degrees. One factor which could explain this statistic is that the crime rate at this part of the town! However, a skilled professional in this field is respected, and can join either public or private agencies. The demand is high and the PayScale is much better, compared to other jobs. New Jersey also offers a low cost of living, and hence it is better to practice criminal justice in that state.

Internet has opened up lots of opportunities for students worldwide. It comes down to personal motivation to take up a course and complete it!

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