Hello! Everyone, if you are struggling to transfer money through SBI ATM, then here I brought “Step by Step” guide for you. I will show you the simple and easy way how you can transfer money using SBI ATM to any other bank account. So keep reading carefully, so that you don’t make any mistake while doing ATM money transfer.

How to Transfer Money Using SBI ATM Card

Nowadays, SBI is giving their best to provide excellent service to their customer. SBI is getting updated and making new changes to their system. One of their new update to is ATM money transfer. Using this one can transfer money using ATM cards to any other cards and accounts. This is simple and easy to use and safe way to transfer money. If you don’t use online payment transaction or don’t know how to use online SBI, then this option will make your money transfer easily.

Not only just SBI to SBI, one can transfer money to any other bank accounts also. But, SBI will charge a little amount for that transaction. However, there are two ways to do ATM money transfer using SBI atm. One is Card to Card transfer, another one is Card to Account transfer.

In a card to card transfer, you need to enter debit card number of the transferee. Either SBI or any other bank 16 digit bank debit card number.

But, in a card to account transfer, you need to enter the account number of the transferee. You can transfer to SBI or to any other bank accounts.

Required Things

  • SBI ATM card(Current or Savings)
  • A Working ATM machine.
  • Your ATM valid Pincode.
  • If want to use Card to Card transfer then you must have SBI debit card number to whom you want to transfer.
  • And, if you want to use Card to Account transfer then you must have SBI account number to whom you want to transfer the money.

How to transfer money through SBI ATM (Step By Step Guide)

  • First thing first, swipes your SBI ATM card to any ATM machine.
  • Now, you will see different options are coming, now choose “Transfer” option and click on that.
  • Enter your confidential PIN.
  • Now, choose “Card to Card” transfer or “Card to Account” transfer according to your needs.
  • Now if it is Card to Card transfer then enters debit card number of the beneficiary account. And, if you are using Card to Account transfer then you need to add account number of whom you want to transfer.
  • You need to enter twice the account number or debit card number for confirmations.
  • Now enter the amount you want to transfer (Remember there is a limitation of ATM money transfer).
  • After that, select account types saving or current account.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully transferred the amount. You will see one successful transfer message displayed on the screen.
  • Now, collect the receipt that will comes out after a successful transfer. Keep that receipt with you for further needs.

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Note: You need to enter the account number fast during the transfer. So, always keep that account number ready with you when you are making the transaction through ATM. If you are not putting the account number quickly, it will disappear soon. Don’t get scared and put the account number or debit card number again. But make it quick this time. Also, if not working don’t swipe and forcefully try to do. It may lead to your account block under certain circumstances.

Wrapping Up

We should always transfer money safely. But, if you ask me to do I prefer ATM transfer?, Well, I do prefer is when I have no choice then using ATM. Usually, it is preferable to use online transaction, it’s far easy and most importantly you don’t need to go to ATM. You can transfer money from anywhere on the planet. But, if you are not often internet user, the above-mentioned way to transfer money using ATM, Is perfect for you.

Hope, this article helps you to transfer money using SBI ATM.

But, if you are facing any issue, let me know in the comment section.