How to Identify Fraud Fake Facebook Accounts


Online is full of fraud and fake people. And, Facebook is one of the most crowded among them. Billions of users are using this social platform for connecting with friends and families as well as to share their thoughts, memories, present activities, live videos and lots more. But with all these interesting features and facilities, sometimes insecurity comes to our mind because of the Fake Accounts. Nowadays so many incidences of frauds are being heard that now it’s hard to trust an unknown person.


If you really want such friends on Facebook and want to know about the reality, then keep reading the article. Here in this post, we have provided some tricks using which you can find out the reality of your unknown virtual friends on Facebook. These will help you and your known people from becoming a victim.

Why is it Important to Identify Fake Facebook Accounts?


Well, Facebook is a platform for real people for socially connecting with friends or relatives and for sharing one’s thoughts, activities, memories, and others. So that the users can come online together and can interact with their friends and can feel the togetherness. But a Fake Account on the list can ruin someone’s reputation as well as life by doing frauds related to money and others.

Sometimes fake accounts offer work to the friends but after the completion of the job, they get vanishes. Even many sexual scandals and crimes also happened and may be happening with you or your close ones unknowingly. So it is better to identify those fake accounts and to block them.

How To Identify a Fake Facebook Account?


This is true; anyone very easily can create a look like real Facebook accounts. But, you don’t need to be Sherlock homes to catch the fake account; you can simply identify the fake accounts if you become aware of keeping a few tricks in your mind. These few tricks will definitely help you find out the reality of the Facebook Account. So keep reading until the end.

Profile Picture

First of all, we use to look for the picture of the users who sent us requests to know whether we know him or not. So next time when you will get a friend request, directly go to the folder of Profile Pictures and look whether all the pictures are the same person or not. If not, then the Account is probably fake.If you see the same picture, then look for the number of pictures. If the number is satisfying, then it is ok. If not, then you must be aware.

Another trick you can use i.e. download one or two pictures of the users and upload them to “Google image” section. Google will show results if the picture belongs to any model or commercial from all around the world. If you are finding an unknown person having a not real picture of his/her, then better to stay away from it.


From the timeline, you can identify whether a Facebook account is real or not if you look for it and judge it very consciously. The consequences of status updates, picture uploads, comments on them, tags, etc help much to understand the reality. But generally, it is very easy to use 3-4 accounts on the go. So try to find out at least 5 common commenters on the pictures.

The “About” section is also helpful. If you see less information about the account holder, or if the information like hometown, education, works, the current city doesn’t have any connection, then I would suggest keeping yourself to a safe distance.

Mutual Friends

It is very important to check how many common friends you have. If there is any friend common, then you could ask him about the unknown person. If you are having a good number of mutual friends with that unknown person, then this profile might be real. But, if you are having ½ mutual friends, better ask them about this person.

Email Address

Though users are allowed to hide it, still Email Id in the contact details can help you out with the reality of the Account holder. Because it also contains the name of the users and it is also unchangeable.

Friend List

Most interestingly, fake account users somehow managed to give a real-like-look to their accounts but fail to manage friends with some connections. That is why the friend lists fake accounts contain very few friends with a common address or connections like college, hometown, current city, etc.

URL of the Account

The URL is very much helpful for identifying fake accounts. Because of changing the name, pictures, details are quite possible, but changing URL is impossible. For example: in most cases, the URL contains the name of the users. Like the URL of Donald Trump’s, President of America, the Facebook page is Now even Donald Trump cannot change the URL if he changes all other details.

My Special Trick

Last but not the least is the “Admin-special-trick” i.e. my trick. Always message the new friends with their full name. For example, “hi Donald Trump”, “welcome Donald Trump”, etc. because many times fake account users use to add people with an attractive identity, for example, accounts with girls’ name and picture, and after adding so many people they simply change all the details, pictures, status, everything. But if you send a message with the name, the cheaters won’t able to change it.

Final Words

These are the useful tricks to identify the fake Facebook accounts which you can use to protect yourself from getting cheated and becoming a victim. So use the tricks mentioned above all the time whenever you get a new friend request from an unknown person to keep yourself, your close ones, and Facebook safe and secure.

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