Is There A Difference Between Micro SD Cards

A Brief Introduction to MicroSD Cards
A microSD card is a popular type of flash memory card, which is removable in nature. It contributes to storing information. SD stands for Secure digital. microSD cards are one type of SD card, sometimes termed as uSD or µSD. Many mobile phones and different mobile devices make use of these cards.
As per the concept, microSD cards can last for a long time unless experience excessive pressure. Therefore, many such cards come with a warranty for many years from respective manufacturers. Even some cards come with a lifetime warranty.

The smallest microSD card measures 15 mm × 11 mm × 1 mm. It comes in a fingernail’s size. Many adapters are available that have made it possible for the little microSD to accommodate in devices with standard SD card slot. However, various microSD cards are available with a typical SD adapter. Thus, users can make use of these cards in devices with standard SD slots.
A microSD card is also termed as TransFlash, T-Flash, or only MicroSD. They are available in different sizes, ranging from 128 MB to 4 GB. Many cell phones make use of these cards. You can wholesale wifi sd cards from:
Some laptops also come with a built-in MicroSD slot, present in the front or the side edge. It enables users to add a MicroSD card. And voila! Users can start downloading images and various other files onto the system. microSD cards come with the highest storage capacity of three micro memory cards.
If a laptop does not come with a MicroSD slot built-in or if you have a desktop computer, you will need a proper media card reader. Thus, you can start checking for all the files available on the card. Moreover, you can also download those files to the system.
Different Types of microSD Cards
MicroSD cards are of mainly two types: microSDHC, and microSDXC. It is time to discuss about these two variations in detail.
MicroSDHC Cards
“microSDHC” is a widely-used SD card. Whereas “micro” implies the form factor, “HC” implies “high capacity.” microSD cards come in the one-fourth size of a regular SD card. They come with a specialized design to accommodate even in smaller gadgets. Furthermore, these cards are suitable with typical SD card readers accompanied by a physical adapter.
SDHC is an upgraded variation of the standard SD card. The typical SD cards can offer up to 4GB of storage. Moreover, the SDHC standard features a maximum of 32GB of storage. Furthermore, these cards employ the FAT32 file system that comes with a typical capacity of 32GB. It features the file size of up to 4GB. Moreover, SDHC readers are capable of reading SD cards. However, SD cards are not able to read SDHC cards.
A microSDHC-compatible Android device is compatible with microSD cards. Moreover, different upgraded 64GB microSDHC cards are available. However, compatibility can differ from one device to another.
The space on microSDHC cards come with a maximum of 32GB. Two versions are available: 16 or 32GB. Choose an option, based on your need. Moreover, such memory cards contribute to smartphones as well as tablets. However, they are also compatible with drones, cameras, and also 360-degree cameras.
However, the card’s write and read speed influences the recording. However, they can often handle HD-quality videos.
MicroSDXC Cards
MicroSDXC cards are another popular type of microSD cards. It features the storage space of three micro memory cards. “microSDXC” stands for microSD eXtended Capacity. You can choose to have a maximum of 128GB of footage. However, other cards are also available with the 400GB of storage capacity.
A microSDXC card is added to action cameras, tablets, phones, drones, and 360-degree cameras. The card’s speed affects the recording. microSDXC card is fully compatible with the storage of 4K footage.
SDXC is the newest edition in the line-up of SD cards that started the journey in 2010. It can handle FULL HD recording with respect to speed as well as capacity. However, SDXC cards come in the exact dimensions of SD as well as SDHC cards. Nonetheless, these cards are suitable for SDXC devices.
The capacity of SDXC cards starts with 64GB along with the speed of a maximum of 104MB/second. Moreover, these cards feature a roadmap to 2TB and the speed is of a maximum of 300MB/second. Furthermore, SDXC makes use of the exFAT file system for managing high volumes of data and file sizes of more than 4GB.
What is the Key Difference Between SDHC and SDXC?
The key difference between SDHC and SDXC is the capacity range whatever they provide. SDHC cards come with the capacity, ranging from 2GB to 32GB. On the contrary, SDXC cards are available in the range from 32GB to 2TB.
The type of a microSD card and capacity are clearly written on the card. Now, whichever card you will purchase depends on your requirements.

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