Jio Fi 3 Wireless Router : Buy it or Skip it?


Now, Reliance jio is all around the telecom industry, One after another jio is surprising everyone by outstanding service and data pack. Recently, jio has launched a new Wi-Fi device named as Jio Fi 3. But, everyone wants to know about this device specification, pros and cons, price, and more. So, in this post, I will talk about everything that you need to know about Jio FI 3. Should you buy it or skip it?.


Jio fi already launched a few months back and was a successful hit. Now, it’s time for Jio Fi 3, with some little up gradation of features and style, Jio Fi 3 is ready to provide a stunning net speed of up to 150 Mbps. It’s a very lightweight device, anyone can carry in the pocket. So, if you are planning for a device for your home, to provide the net to all your home devices, then probably Jio Fi 3 is perfect for you.

Before, Wi-Fi devices used to be big. There was no option to carry, but Jio Fi 3 is making a new way with its sleek lightweight design. Now, you can go with your Wi-Fi device to trip, vacations, and outings, anywhere you want. The only thing you need to press the on the button of Jio Fi3 and you can connect up to 10 devices anywhere you want.

5 Best Jio Fi 3 Specification that you must know


#Download Speed 150 Mbps

It’s not like everything else in the market, where device promise to give high speed but doesn’t work. Jio Fi3 is built specially for giving high-speed download internet up to 150Mbps. Now, download anything you want with amazing downloading speed. However, with its High-speed downlink packet access, you can get high-speed internet access up to 10 devices. Yes, that true, even when you are using it with 10 devices at the same time the internet speed is not going to slow.

#Voice and SMS support

You might be little surprise to see this feature on a Wi-Fi device. But, yes, you can have access to the voice call and SMS support with Jio Fi 3 Wi-Fi device. Now, with wifi device also, you can send messages and make HD call to anywhere. However, to make you aware to the fact, it works only with Jio sim cards.

Here is how you can use it. Watch this video carefully to know how its voice calling and message feature works.

# Connect 10 Device with same speed

Now, this is where it gets 10/10 rating. Yes, This tiny stylish looking device, yet powerful. Also, you can connect with any devices like mobile, laptops, PCs, Tablets, any device. And as I mentioned above, Reliance Jio fi 3 promises that even when you will connect with 10 devices the internet connectivity is not going to slow down. It could be your smart move, for your home and office, just buy one smart device and connect all your devices. Also, Jio offers India’s cheapest data pack.

# Battery last for 7-8 hours

How you feel when you watch something interesting or listening music online and suddenly it stops?. Frustrating! Right?, But now with Jio Fi 3, It has 2600 mAh Built-in Rechargeable Battery that lasts for 7-8 hours. You charge it for a single time, and it will continue for a long time. So, next time you can continue watching your video without any stop.

# Lightweight and stylish

How will your friends react when you will say you have a Wifi device in your pocket?, Cool right?. It not only featured loaded, also it’s stylish and light weighted. It has the only weight of 200g, and only 8.6cm long. A perfect partner for your daily entertainment anywhere anytime.

# 4g Speed On 3g Mobiles

You got a 3G mobile, but want to get high-speed 4G internet on it. Here, Reliance Jio is coming with an outstanding solution. Just turn on your 3G mobile wifi and connect with Jio Fi3 wifi network and that it. Now, you can enjoy unlimited high-speed internet on your 3G mobile forever. Reliance Jio makes brilliant technology to provide high-speed internet on mobiles, Tablets, or any other 3G devices.

Read Jio Fi 3 pros and cons


  • High-speed internet connectivity.
  • 10 devices can be connected same time.
  • 4g internet speed on 3g mobile phones.
  • Stylish and lightweight, one can carry in a pocket.
  • One can make voice calling and send SMS.
  • Nice battery life.
  • Can be connected to any devices.
  • Download speed 150 Mbps, which is very fast.


  • Download speed may vary according to your region. And network connectivity.
  • One biggest disadvantage is only you can use Jio sim within it.
  • Other mobile network sim cards won’t be accepted.

Jio FI 2 Vs Jio FI 3: Which one is better?

Confused?, you should not be. Because, below I put one comparative table to make your choice clear.

Jio Fi 3 Jio Fi 2
It has matte finish design body It has plastic design body
Comes in OLED display Comes in normal LED display
Battery has 2600mAh capacity Battery has 2300mAh capacity
Nano sim card slot Micro sim slot

Want to buy Jio Fi 3? Check out below lowest Jio Fi 3 Price list

Seller Jio Fi 3 Price Click To Buy
Amazon Rs 2049/- Buy Now
Flipkart Rs 1899/- Buy Now


If the above-described features convinced you to buy this device, then don’t wait. Go and enjoy high-speed internet anywhere, anytime with just one click. Although, there are some cons comes with it, but to be honest, there is no other device in the market that can provide these facilities at the lowest price.

What do you think about it? , I would love to hear from you.

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