Lenovo HW02 Plus Review: Smart Fitness Band By Lenovo

Many big brands are coming up with their smart fitness band in the market, and to stand in the race, recently Lenovo has launched their new fitness bracelet Lenovo HW 02Plus. If you look at the price and design, and functionality, Lenovo has launched this fitness band to compete with other existing bands in the market and grab user’s attention. In this post, We will do Lenovo HW02 Plus review to give you an overview of this fitness band.

Lenovo has filled this band with many useful and exciting features for helping you to get the better-maintained body. This smart gadget comes with latest personal activity intelligence (PAI), which comes with advanced real-time heart rate checker, and personal care monitoring feature, sleep monitoring, pedometer. Not just that, one can activate the display time, steps, calories, and other personal health-related information with just one touch.

Performance and Design

If you look at overall performance and design, it’s a great innovation by Lenovo. Hardware is programmed for advanced features like a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calorie burner meter. This is an additional device, which can be connected to any smartphone using Bluetooth 4.2. The connectivity works great, and easily get connected with smartphones.

Large OLED screen, stylish look, great resolutions, a perfect smart looking gadget for the new generation boys and girls.

Heart Rate Measurement

Lenovo hw02 comes with advanced heart rate measurement technology, which allows you to measure your heart beats almost instantly. However, this device calculates the heartbeat automatically and gives you the reports in every 15 minutes interval. Also, it gives you a signal when your heartbeat exceeds the value you set.

Sleep Tracking

With this feature, one can track their full sleeping activity and see it on a statistical report. However, is been reported by the users that this device is much efficient to handle this functionality, but yes, it tracks the normal sleeping activities correct. Hoping that Lenovo will soon, update this feature and come up with a good one.


This functionality works perfectly. Lenovo HW02 plus has smart algorithm to calculate steps, extraneous activities like driving public transport and more likewise. However, there is one thing that is uncommon, with the number of, this device also calculate the distance you traveled in a whole day. Along with the steps, it also can track other activities like walking, running, pulse, climb.

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Overall, Lenovo HW02 plus is a good smart fitness band to try out. It looks great, comes with useful features, cool design, and functionality works perfectly with almost no error. So, if you are thinking to buy a fitness band for you, Lenovo HW02 plus is a good pick. Hopefully, this Lenovo HW02 Plus review helps to you to give an overlook on about this device.

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