What Will Life Be Like in Next 100 Years?

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The first obvious question that comes to our mind when we think about life a hundred years from now is “Would I be able to see what the world looks like at that time?”.

Unapologetically, I’d like to answer it-

Who knows?

You won’t miss it though. We are going to portray a picture of the predicted future in this article with a spice of immensely astonishing events and architecture.

Since the evolution of humanity, we have unlocked many doors to an unexpected environment. Every door makes us better and better with every step we take towards the development of exceptionally wonderful inventions.

Over the years, we’ve transformed the world, and now we can proudly say that this is the age of a ‘smarter ape’.

Today, we’re making the next giant stride. We can now switch on the lights of our house, unlock the back door, turn off/on electrical appliances even if we’re far away from our home. The new technologies are astounding and dazzling, expanding the scope of opportunities and the extent to which our humanity can stretch. Reaching this far until now, what can we expect to see in the next 100 years?

Not a precise prediction but this is what we got:

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3D Printing is the most talked technology of the decade and has been given a head-start. The production of houses has already been started in various parts of the world. Isn’t it impressive?

Here’s how it works. The algorithms and designs are programmed into the computer, adding successive layers of material to the 3D Printing machine, after an ultimate processing act of the tech, we get what we desire.

What if this tech is available to everyone in the future? It has the potential to make a massive change in the entire world. But it still continues to be an obstacle due to the size of the project and the safety concerns of the environment.

  • Weather Control

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I believe I can fly. Scientists believe they can control the weather. Nothing is impossible though.

Well, we have already built some weather control technology for mediating tornadoes, causing rain and now there’s more to be discovered soon. Climate change has allowed the scientists to uncover a huge amount of knowledge regarding the phenomenon undertaken by the environment that causes the climate to slither.

Climate would probably be fully under control in the year 2117 and will give us the authority to prevent key areas from threats and make them worth-living.

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  • Cities under the sea

Undated handout artist's impression issued by Samsung

Who doesn’t dream of a life underwater? Alive with the sharks.

A report predicts that we could be living in the underwater cities and float with the neighbors making it a commonplace in the coming century. The abundance of the population has to go somewhere.

‘Earth-scrapers’ – multi-level, subterranean structures built deep inside the ground would be one alternative to the people.

The society living in the deep blue sea would be able to draw free energy from the water currents. It is meant to be self-sustaining and putting minimum burden on the upper society.

  • Just one currency in the entire world

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The process has started already. A digital trade involving electronic currency is used almost everywhere these days and this trend is likely to continue for decades.

The world is integrating at an optimal rate resulting in nationwide harmony required to collaborate the operations and find similarities in the thinking of people to unite successfully. Not many currencies are expected to be left in the middle of this century and the global currency is ought to be accepted everywhere on the globe.

The simultaneous effect would be the improved communication systems around the globe with more common languages and the elimination of current problems like speculation and uncertainty.

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  • Incredible humans

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Robotic engineering and DNA research can help us create a breed of incredibly intelligent humans who would possibly connect their brain with electronics to unleash the extra capacity of their brain.

Humans will live forever. Is that really possible? Immortality is nothing but your lust to live forever. You might be able to control that in the future. Stretching and rewriting the human intelligence with the idea of artificial intelligence, genetics, and biotechnology and allowing our species to beat death is sometimes called the Singularity.

Here’s more.

  • Antarctica will be ‘open for business’
  • A multi planetary species
  • Flying cars
  • 3D Printed food
  • Man-machine symbiosis
  • City in a building

Well, nobody knows what’s going to happen in 2117, but whatever does, would be heart-pounding and will have an ever-lasting impact on the people of the century. You just need to wait 10 decades…

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