Lincoln is one of the most underrated brands in the automobile industry. It has given us many iconic luxury cars which offer great space at a relatively moderate price tag. Lincoln has mostly invested in developing and selling large luxury SUVs. One such model is the Lincoln Navigator. It is a large luxury SUV with an optional 3rd row of seats and an ample amount of space in the interiors for a comfortable ride.

Lincoln Navigator is known for its large cabin with lots of luxury features. The massive cabin that offers a comfortable ride is also accompanied by a list of standard features inside it for the driver assistance as well as for the entertainment and comfort of the passengers in the cabin. Lincoln Navigator is also known for its excellent towing capacity. Lincoln Navigator might not be that famous but it is one of the best SUVs in its segment.

What do we like about the car?

As we discussed above, the car comes loaded with standard features and a good cabin. To begin with, it has a gigantic space inside. This means that in all the three rows the passengers can sit comfortably without having to worry about the legroom or the headroom. This makes the journey even more enjoyable. The towing capacity of the car is above average. The car also offers a good number of standard features irrespective of the trim level that you choose to buy.

What do we not like about the car?

There are not many drawbacks of this car, but like every other car, there are a couple of shortcomings. Lincoln Navigator lacks the cargo space for larger items (with the 3rd row up), at least not what you expect for a car this big. Some trim models are equipped with a rear console as well, which further reduces the space for long items in the cargo space.

The car has not undergone any major changes since its previous launch. There have been some improvements in the terms of luxury features, standard features and an advanced infotainment system is now available.

Features and Specifications

The cabin will give you a feel of sophistication and value for money. It has high-quality materials and soft touches for added comfort. The cabin also features wooden accents in some parts to enhance aesthetic values. Navigator has plush leather upholstery, but some of the parts in the interiors are not as impressive as the others. The car offers a cargo space of 19.3 cubic feet. Moreover, if the last two seats are folded, the cargo size increases to 63.2 cubic feet.

The Navigator does not feel like a cheap car, not by a long shot, which is a good thing considering the price of this SUV. Ranging from 73,000 dollars up to a staggering 100,000 dollars, the Navigator is a direct competitor to Mercedes and BMW SUVs, like the GLE and X5. You get more space in the Lincoln, but for sheer snob value, you might want to go for a German offering.