Load Your Facebook Page Faster In Slow Internet Connectivity

facebook load slow

It’s always frustrating to see slow loading Facebook page. As we are very curious to know what’s happening around us, when Facebook load slowly, it hard to pass moment. It’s might be because of your slow internet connections, however, there are several other factors also could be associated with slow Facebook loading.

facebook load slow

In this guide I will speak about, the genuine reason that might be causing your Facebook page to load slow, and their solutions. So, if you are facing problem due to lazy loading Facebook then this is going to be helpful for yourself.

Why is Facebook Page loading slowly?

Before we go for solutions it’s important to know the root causes the might be leading your Facebook loading like turtle walk. These are most probable cause for a steady Facebook page on your mobile and desktop as well.

Slow internet connectivity

Officially Facebook has said that they need 500 KB per sec for accessing Facebook video chat features smoothly. So, if your internet speed is slow then this could be the most obvious reason for slow loading of Facebook. Switch to a minimal internet package to enjoy Facebook and other internet features. Also, for downloading Facebook videos, you will need good internet speed connectivity.

Temporary Internet Files

The internet file that has been stored on your browser can lead to slow loading web pages. Why? Every browser has limitations of temporary data storage, the moment it touched the limit it might start loading Facebook little slow. How to know? Open your browser temporary files and if it touches the limit, then delete unwanted files from there.

Delete Cookies

Pre-stored cookies on your browser always have the tendency to load web pages slow. If you haven’t deleted your browser cookies from a long time, this might be the cause. Delete cookies from your browser and if this is the main cause of lazy Facebook loading, then you can enjoy fast loading Facebook after this.

Your Anti-virus Could be the Problem

Sometimes the antivirus installed on your device tends to block social media sites by default. And, you will never know this, unless you turn it off from your antivirus software. So, if you have installed new antivirus or changes any setting on your anti-virus then this might be the reason why Facebook is loading slowly.

How to load Facebook Faster when internet connectivity is slow?

In this section, I will show you some tricks that you can apply to load Facebook fast on mobile and desktop. This will definitely help you solve lazy loading Facebook page. So, read below tricks.

Switch to Basic Version

Yes, the basic version of the Facebook is made for those who are struggling with lazy loading Facebook page. Basic Facebook version is available for desktop and mobile both. Don’t need to install any external software’s just browse the basic version of Facebook. With low internet speed also you can enjoy Facebook with the basic version.

Facebook Light App

Facebook has specially made this app for slow internet speed users. Even if you are on 2G internet speed, with the Facebook light app, you can enjoy the fast loading Facebook pages on your mobile. Also, it supposed to consume low internet data than other Facebook app. One can do everything using the light version of Facebook, from uploading pictures to messaging everything.

Turn Off Chatbox

The chat box that you are loading takes up high data to load. So, if you are turning this chat box off, might help you to load Facebook faster. Also, avoid notification column on the right side to load it faster. But, with above two features of Facebook, you can use chat box too in low internet speed connections.


So, this trick will help you to find some tricks to load your Facebook page faster. If your internet speed is slow, try to use Facebook on your mobile phone, as it will take up fewer data and will load faster compared to desktop. If anyone of the trick is not working, then you can try another method to see the result.

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