This is How I Use LSI Keywords for Better Ranking on Google


Most of us might be familiar with LSI keywords, But do you know how to use them perfectly in your blog post?. Many peoples got confused when it comes to using LSI keywords in a blog post. As there are not so much information available online. In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about LSI keywords, their perfect use, and why you should use them wisely to rank well on Google, and more. So, if you really want to know the optimal use of LSI keywords, then stick till the end of this post.

Well to bringing traffic to your website you have to work hard and think smart. And, it only possible when you can rank for your desired keywords on Google first page. Old SEO things have no more in play, You have to consider many things while you are in a race to rank better. And, using proper LSI keywords are just one of those important things that can help you to rank higher in Google.As this era is high ranking competition, so the words you are using in the contents are very important. That’s why, we have to use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords or known as LSI keywords right way.

What Really LSI Keywords Are?

lsi keywords

The full form of LSI keywords is Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords. These words help Google to use decide the right article for right keyword searched from millions of indexed articles. And also helps Google to understand the main aim of the article. Still, don’t understand anything, let me give you one example to make it clear.

Let’s say you are writing one article about Apple. Now, there are two things, one Apple is a fruit, where another Apple is a company. Now how Google will differentiate between these two things?. Here LSI keywords come into play,  If google found in one article LSI keywords like fruit, healthy, tasty apple, then Google will take this article related to Apple fruit. And if the article is filled with keywords like MacBook, I Phones, and other related keywords then Google will figure out as Apple brand. This way, LSI keywords are very important these days to make your content relevancy good for a particular topic.

LSI keywords help to make your content SEO friendly for a particular topic. During past day only exact searches keywords were in use,  but nowadays Google becomes smarter to pick the right content using LSI keywords.

Why Should You Use LSI Keywords? 

  • It will help you to uplift your SEO rank

As Google will find the content more relevant to an individual topic, the chances of ranking go up. Also, LSI keywords help you to rank your content for not just only your main keyword, but rank for most related keywords automatically.

  • Helps Google to remove spam contents

There are many pieces of content filled with the only main keyword, which is an old SEO practice. Then google will mark this content as spammy, as it’s not relevant and keywords are stuffed unnaturally. But, when you use LSI keywords wisely, your piece of content becomes more relevant and Google like it.

  • Increase the traffic of your site

When you use the most related keywords or LSI keywords on your blog post, your content not only just rank for the main keyword but also it can rank for most related keywords and LSI keywords. Now, this helps more people to find your content and increase the traffic.

  • Makes your page different from others

When all your competitors are busy with other SEO stuff like link building, other on-page SEO tricks, You can take advantage of LSI keywords to make your post relevancy high and different from others.

  • Lowers the bounce rate

If your blog bounce rate is high, and your traffics are going back. LSI keywords may be the reason behind it. When your visitors find more related keywords likely to stick. So, if you use LSI keywords more on your content users find it easy to read and hooked with it.

How to Use LSI Keywords Perfectly?

Use LSI keywords Perfectly

When you want to write a meaningful topic SEO friendly content you have to use LSI keywords carefully. Relevant keywords are so important for everything from online videos to contents. Anything that you want to upload on the internet you have to properly use LSI keywords.

There is nothing like accurate measurements of using LSI keywords, it totally depends on the content. However, by doing some good practices of LSI keywords, you can increase your ranking.

Use LSI in the introduction and whole body. Google really like to see LSI keywords in the introduction, it will send a strong signal of related content for a particular keyword. Also, sprinkle LSI keywords on the whole body of your content to make your content highly relevant to a specific topic. Also, you can use LSI keywords on Image ALT text, Headings, Subheadings, everywhere in the content to make your content good relevancy score.

  • Title

The title is all that one user see the first time before coming to your page. Yes, obviously you need to use the main keyword into the title, but if you can use most related keywords and LSI keywords then there are better chances of ranking. For example, let’s say the main keyword is amazon coupons, you can add LSI keywords like amazon coupons 2017 or Amazon coupons codes.

  • Meta Descriptions

Rather then using unrelated keywords, if you can implement best LSI keywords in your post meta description there is better chances of ranking for main keywords as well as LSI keywords.

  • Headings

This is another best place where you can put LSI keywords. Just keep in mind things should not look unnatural, add LSI keywords in headings and subheading naturally.

  • Introduction and Conclusion

This is really a great practice of using LSI keywords in introduction and conclusion. As these are one of the most important two sections where your visitors pay more attention.

Tools You Can Use to Find LSI Keywords

LSI keywords finding tools

If you don’t know how to find LSI keywords, then check this list of tools that you can use to find out LSI keywords. Try these tools and explore the best LSI keywords.

Google keyword tool

The Google keyword tool is one of the best tools to get best LSI keywords related to your article topic. You will find exact idea about the keywords to use in the article from this tool.This tool also helps you to relate your LSI keywords to the main keyword of your content’s topic.

Google auto-suggest

This is a default feature of the Google. This tool is made by keyword tool dominator. This tool can be used to find out LSI keywords for completely free. The auto-suggestion can be used to take an idea of the all related keywords. Google auto-suggest is the best source for both short and long tail keyword.

Google search results

The Google search results are also an excellent source of the LSI keywords. It is called the best and simple way to find related keywords. Here you can find the synonyms of the main keywords. The Google search results arrive at the end of any Google page.

Word tracker key tool

This is a well-known keyword tool. Here you will get unique keywords. Also, you can find long tail keywords here. You can register for free here, and they guarantee you to provide minimum 100 keywords. They also provide you details of searches, KEI, competition, IAAT etc.I think this app is better appropriate for keyword selection. There is also use a 7-days trial. For free with so many varieties of facilities.


Ubersuggest is the best keyword suggestion tool. You will get cool keywords that your competitors are using for ranking top in the business. Ubersuggest will help you to get the idea to write excellent long tail keywords and most related searched keywords.

Long tail pro

This is another excellent tool for getting long tail keyword but this tool is a paid tool. This tool is a great tool for finding profitable keywords. This tool is very popular in this goner and provides long tail keywords also. They are also so much popular is marketing. This tool is a good one to use if you do not have any problems to pay money. They also provide you a trail of 10 days.

Niche laboratory

This tool is a cool tool for searching LSI keywords. It is a smart tool to get LSI keywords; those are related to main keywords. It is totally free to use. You can search keywords based on your location and country. The keywords you found here are the relevant keywords that you can get highly related to your main keyword.

LSI graph

This tool is best for the beginner. You can easily get LSI keywords just by typing your main keyword and the press the generate button, they will provide you a large collection of LSI keywords. You can directly put these words in any place of your article.

Final Words

So bloggers here in this article I have provided all the things you need to keep in mind while using LSI keywords. You should use proper keywords in proper places to get your content in top places. I have already given the list of LSI word tools so that you can easily find out the main keyword related LSI keywords. Hope you guys like this article.

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