How To See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp (Best Methods)

Wondering how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp? Well, you are exactly at the right page. here we will provide you the best and easiest way to do the same. WhatsApp is very popular and also very useful these days for sharing messages, photos, videos, audio formats, contacts, and what not.

Due to storage space, we use to delete messages, or by mistake sometimes we press the delete button. And, as there is no official option available for recovering deleted messages, it often causes problems. That is why we are here to mention the method to see deleted messages on WhatsApp using which you can restore and read the previous messages of your past conversation.

In this article, we have provided the detailed description of the methods to restore the deleted WhatsApp messages along with the screenshots so that readers can understand and try them with ease. So stay tuned until the end and follow the article.

Method to see Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Though there are few methods available to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, we have picked the most effective as well as reliable one which works for almost all android devices. Even all the steps related to this method are also same for all Android smartphones. Moreover, it is also applicable for those who are using bluestack or any other android emulators for using WhatsApp on PC or multiple WhatsApp in one device.

Steps to Follow:

  • WhatsApp stores back up for all your chat conversation on 2 AM every day and saves them in our devices in “.crypt12” formats. So first of all, go to your device’s storage first. Then in WhatsApp folder, you will see a folder named as “Databases”, click on it.
  • After opening the folder, you will get 3 “.crypt12” files saved there. These are the backup files of your past conversations.
  • Now first of all, rename the file named as “msgstore.db.crypt12” to “backup-msgstore.db.crypt12”.
  • After renaming the file, you will find two more files containing the chat back up. Now watch the “last modified date” of those files in the “details” option and look for the files containing the chat conversation you want to restore.
  • After choosing that particular file, rename it to “msgstore.db.crypt12”. (if you can not be sure about the date of the chat conversation, then it is better to choose the latest one).
  • After that, go to Settings> App manager/ App log> WhatsApp. Now uninstall and re-install it. Or you can “Clear Data”.
  • Now open WhatsApp, click “AGREE AND CONTINUE”, then enter the phone number for verification.
  • After verification, you will get the “Restore Backup” option. Click “Restore” to recover your past WhatsApp conversations.
  • Wait for a while to allow WhatsApp to restore the messages for you. Then click “Next” to continue.
  • Now enter your name and that’s it. You are done!

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Here we have tried our best to provide you the best method to recover the deleted messages from WhatsApp. The steps of the method are described in details and are pretty easy to perform the task. You can follow the steps and easily recover your lost messages on WhatsApp. If there is any confusion, then you can watch the tutorial for the same on YouTube or share your comments below.

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