Mi Air Purifier 2 : Here Is All You Need to Know About It!

Why do we need one?. We all know, the air pollution level is getting worse day by day. And with the increase of pollution level, the dangerous disease are also increasing. Before we had nothing to take action against this. However, now we have the Mi Air Purifier 2. A highly advanced technology air purifier, that promises to clean the air within 10 minutes. Yes! Within just 10 minutes. Here, you will take you through everything that you need to know about Mi Air Purifier 2.

Mi is known for coming up with advanced technology that makes our life’s better. This time Mi build a life saver gadget called Mi Air Purifier 2. It’s a high-tech air purifier to make your home free from hazardous air pollutants. It comes with all excellent and highly featured technology to purify the Indoor air quality. Once, get to know about this gadget, I promise you will fall in love with it soon.

How Do Mi Air Purifier 2 Works?

So, Air purifiers work with a simple science principle of oppositely charged metal plates. How does it work?. When the pollutant air through the charged plates of Air purifier, any dust, hazards, spores are captured by the electromagnetic charge. And this is how we receive fresh and purified air. However, it covers all angles with its 360 triple-layer filter and it uses HEPA filter to grab all micron level pollutants in the air. You might have known about the invisible dust particles, bacteria, and various hazards on the air, It gets everything filtered out and gives us real pure fresh air.

Things You Must Know About Mi Air Purifier 2

# Purify Your Room within 10 minutes

Yes! It takes only 10 minutes to make your room air populate free. Mi Air purifier has a compact design and it offers 310m/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). This works really fast and can make your 21m room completely purified within 10minitues. This advanced technology is hardly found in some other air purifier available on the market.

# Wind blows everywhere

That’s another science trick applied on Mi air purifier 2 to make the wind flow everywhere. Basically, it’s a technology that is used to design the aircraft. It creates high pressure around it and distributes air fast around your whole room. This also helps Mi2 to spread the fresh air within 10minutes.

# A silent motor within it

Mi air purifier 2 will never break your deep sleep. It uses highly advance Japanese from nidec to run in silent mode. It’s hard to find some sound from this device. This air purifier takes the user experience to another level by providing sound free motors.

# Fully controlled mode

Mi always takes care of how to make it more user-friendly. That’s why this air purifier comes with fully controlled by Mi home app. Just download the app to your mobile device and you can monitor your air purifier anytime from anywhere. Sounds Cool! Right?. Also, it will send you notification about different status and will keep yourself updated.

# 360-degree triple-layer filter

This cylindrical triple-layer filter is mainly made of PET primary filter technology, Ultra dense EPA filter, and advance carbon filter. It takes air from all 360-degree direction and filters out formaldehyde, bad odors, and harmful kinds of stuff. So, the survival chances of your neighbor micro pollutants are near to zero.

# Instant respond to your air quality

It checks out PM 2.5 concentrations in the air and gives you a real-time reading on the phone. This air purifier automatic responds according to the quality and takes approximately 8 minutes to circulate in your room.

# HEPA filter technology

HEPA basically use electromagnetic attraction technology to absorb the particulates. Whenever one air particles greater than 0.3 μm comes into touch, it uses electromagnetic attraction technology to absorb it from the air. And, always gives you fresh and pure pollutants free air 24*7.

# Covers up to 400 sq. ft areas

One Mi air purifier 2 has the capacity of covering up to 400 sq. ft areas. However, You can use it for your home, office or small rooms. If you having a larger size room then it, use it to your important room where you spent most of your time. Like drawing room or bedroom.

These are the main features that I have mentioned above; along with that also some attractive features are like it consumes only 31-watt power, noise level 30dB and more exciting features.

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However, In India, it has been reported around 1.1 million people death in the year 2015 due to air pollution. Hence, If are living in cities with air pollution level is high like metro cities, I recommend you to play safe. And, get one Mi air purifier for the safety of your family and you. Have a good air pollutant free life.

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