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Looking for a Minecraft unblocked version? Want to get a sneak peak of the world’s most popular game in recent times? We will provide you the best possible ways to download the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

With over million downloads, Minecraft is one of the best trending game today. It takes you on an adventure where you can explore the world. Minecraft requires an internet connection to work and allows its users to connect with their friends and play along. It may be blocked at some workplace or at schools Noodelcade, but there is a possibility to explore the game by fusing the firewall barrier. We will provide you the best possible ways to download the unblocked Minecraft and have fun.

Minecraft Unblocked

minecraft unblocked

An unblocked Minecraft is easy to play and download as it is not restricted by any firewall. You can get access to the Minecraft.net easily by using a customized VPN. Although Minecraft does not require any external software to connect to the server and you can easily download it.

There are several obligations to it. As it is one of the addictive games, many schools and workplace did block it from the reach of its students and employees respectively. But there a lot of ways to download Minecraft easily without anyone’s concern and you can have fun later.

How to Unblock Minecraft?

So here we go for the methods that you can try out to Minecraft unblocked from any blocked server. These are many different methods and tricks that you can apply. So, let’s go and check out these ways to unblock Minecraft.

Method 1: Unblock Minecraft at School by HTTPS

Some of the organizations just block the HTTP version of the Minecraft.net, hence you can just add an extra letter to the URL and hope for the best. Type https://minecraft.net in your browser to sneak through and hope you can get an unblocked Minecraft game for download.

Method 2: Unblock Minecraft Using MCVersions.net

MCVersions.net allows users to download all the oldest and the recent versions of the Minecraft game directly from different other sites including Minecraft developer without even visiting their sites. It is one of the simple ways to get your hands in this addictive game.

Method 3: Download Minecraft Using Tor browser

Tor Browser allows you to download the Minecraft game without anyone’s concern. It allows accessing the web from any computer with ease. It encrypts the traffic and anonymizes through the Tor network. No school or workplace could find out what are you trying to download, hence you can grab the game easily.

  • Download the Tor browser on your pc.
  • Visit the Minecraft website normally.
  • Grab the game with the latest version.
  • Download and enjoy the game.

Method 4: Unblock Minecraft Using Firewall Settings

When you are trying to access the Minecraft website and not been able to access it, it might be that your operating system’s firewall is blocking the program. If the security setting is kept high, it can cause a serious issue. Well, this can easily be solved by changing the firewall settings on your PC:

  • Go to the ‘Control panel’ option.
  • Click on ‘System and Security’.
  • Under the Windows Firewall section, select ‘allow an app through Windows Firewall’.
  • Click the ‘change settings button’ at the top right corner of the box. Now you can change the settings of the program list.
  • Scroll to Minecraft and check the box.
  • Click the boxes under a Public and Private section of the Minecraft.
  • Click OK to save the settings.

Method 5: Unblock Minecraft Using VPNs

VPNs not only provide you online privacy but they also help you change your virtual location easily with just a few clicks. VPNs also help you stay secure and work privately on the blocked websites and servers.

VPN plays an important role to download Minecraft easily as it will sneak through all the restricted websites and access blocked servers.Some of the fastest and best VPNs you can use for your gaming are:

Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the best and fastest VPN of all time. It delivers an incredible speed. Some of the advantages of Express VPN are:

  • It has a customized app for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Express VPN provides DNS leak protection which does not share any IP address details.
  • You can connect to three simultaneous devices.

If you are looking for detailed review of express VPN, check this article Express VPN review.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN provides tremendous speed with unlimited bandwidth, no restrictions, no torrent traffic. Some of the best advantages o0f the Nord VPN are as follows:

  • Nord VPN provides an all customized app to be compatible with any device platform for easy access.
  • It has an automatic kill switch which keeps your IP address secure and safe.
  • You can connect upto six different devices to the same network.
  • With Nord VP you can play Minecraft anywhere in the world.

Method 6: Minecraft Unblocked Using Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is pretty easy than it sounds. You will need access to your router with a computer to make a difference in the settings. Each router needs a different set of settings to access the restricted websites or servers. The process of Port forwarding is explained below:

  • Make a connection between your computer and your router.
  • Type the router’s IP address in the URL of your browser.
  • You will need username and password to log in and connect.
  • Search for Advance settings section.
  • Go to the ‘Port Forwarding’ part.
  • Use the Minecraft port as 25565. Most of the Minecraft servers use this port.
  • Reboot your computer after saving the settings.
  • After forwarding the port try connecting Minecraft through a server.


Install Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket edition is the most portable app which is available for the Android and iOS platforms. You can download it from restriction free wi-fi network and play Minecraft for free anywhere on the go.

This app offers the same features like its PC version and it has good touch screen controls and visuals, providing a rich gaming experience.

Wrapping up

We have discussed the process to Minecraft unblocked or get access to the blocked sites and offer Downloading Minecraft. We hope this article will help you out and you can easily download and get hands on the most trending adventure game in recent times. Do share how did you download the game and what did u like the most about the game.

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