How To Play Counter Strike Using Wifi, Online Server and LAN

Want to Play CS with your friends connecting the laptops and computer in one network?. If yes, then in this article we have come up with all solution that you need to play counter strike on Wifi, Online Server and LAN. We are going to talk you through step by step guide how you can easily connect all computer and enjoy playing this amazing game. These methods support all versions of CS such as counter strike 1.6, counter strike source, counter strike global offense.

how to play counter strike all versions using WIFI, online server and LAN

Rather than playing with bots when you play with real humans, it helps to improve your skills and make yourself experts. So, let’s go and check out how you can play counter strike with your friends connecting the servers.

Play Counter Strike Online Using Online Server

To play counter strike online you need to have good internet connections. It will connect yourself with thousands of online players who are ready to welcome you. To play counter strike online please follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: First thing first, Go to Gametracker, and choose the counter strike version that you are playing. Whether it’s CS 1.6 or CS: GO or CS Source. You will have the flexibility of choosing any from above Counterstrike versions.

Step 2: Once you are in, choose your preferred location, and you will find a list of servers. Pick one right server for you.

Note: Not all server will allow you to in, so keep trying.

Step 3: Now Copy that IP address you can to connect to.

Note: Make sure you have copied the IP address correctly, if not. It will not work.

Step 4: After copying correctly, Put that IP address to your counter strike game. Once you have done adding you will find the server response and you can enter and start playing.

Follow this. Open Counter strike>Go to “Find server”> and add the IP that you have copied.

That’s it! You are done! There is another way to play counter strike online while you are with your friends by creating your own virtual wifi network.

Play Counter Strike Online Using Wifi

If you want to play using your own server, Then first you should create your own virtual network. Just create your own wifi network and ask your friend to join the network and you are ready for BOOM HEADSHOTS! Here I will show you the exact “trick” to playing counter strike with friends using own Wifi.

You can use software to create wifi, but I would suggest create it using the command prompt. it’s easy and work every time.

How to Create Wifi Network Using CMD?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to create wifi network using cmd

Step 1: Open command prompt on your laptop, Pc or whatever using. Here, is a trick that you must follow, don’t open it usually, Open it as administration mode. how??.. below I have given the flow chart

Click to start windows or simply click on windows button> Search for “cmd“> Right click on “cmd“> then click on “Run as administrator” > Now windows will ask for your permission click “Ok

Step 2: Now it’s time to use some code to instruct windows to create the virtual wifi network for you.

here is how…

  1. Copy this code netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspotname key=password  and paste it on cmd. (Remember don’t use Ctrl + V to paste on cmd, it will not work on cmd)
  2.  Now use another code to start the hosted network here is the code: netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  3. Congratulation! Your own wifi network has been created, Now your friends can view your network and join you.

Step 3: After creating the wifi network ask your friend to first connect to the wifi and follow these below step to join you on CS.

Open Counter strike> Click to Find server> Search for your game server and connect with it.

Play Counter Strike On LAN

Yes! One can use LAN to play counter strike with almost NO lagging. If you have a large no of players on your gang, the best way to play CS is using Lan, because if you are on wifi with a large number of people connected. It may happen that your network is lagging, From my personal experience it there more than 5 people connected to a wifi network it might lag.

Step1: Connect all PC or Laptop with same LAN network.

Step 2: Create one game server and ask everyone to join the game server. That’s it!


  • Out of the last 2 methods, Which one is better? 

Both work fine. If you are playing with few people say 5/6, the creating wifi network works great. But if there is a huge big gang of counter strike players, wifi network can’t handle it. so better go with LAN if your CS gang is big!

  • Ohhoo.., My cmd is not creating wifi. Is there are any alternatives?

If cmd is not working for you. Here are some alternatives that you can try. Tunngle, Hamachi. These software’s will create a wifi network for you.

Final Words

Hope this article solves your query about how to play counter strike on LAN, Wifi, and Online Server. Just follow the steps mentioned above and you will able to play counter strike online. However, if you are facing any problem please mention below, will try our best to solve it.

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