PUBG Mobile Lite Launching Soon In India


Hello PUBG Lovers! Today I come up with good news for all those who don’t have a high ram mobile or facing lag issue due to low space. The PUBG Mobile lite is soon going to launch in India. In this blog, I am going to talk about, why I think PUBG Mobile will be a game changer for India, and how you can install it in India. So without more wait, let’s get started.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG mobile is mainly designed for mobile to have high ram capacity, but there is a large community in India don’t have high ram mobile. So, for those PUBG come with an amazing to launch Lite version of the game for 1gb or 2gb ram mobile users.

PUBG Mobile Lite version is compatible with android versions 4.0.3 or higher and fits in all low resource android mobile versions.

Is PUBG Mobile will be same as PUBG Mobile Older Version?


Most of the features will be similar to PUBG Mobile version, but there are a few changes we can expect in India.

  • Instead of having 100 players in the game, there will be a maximum of 40 players playing in the unknown battleground.
  • PUBG developers are trying best to maintain the same graphic, but you may find some change of graphic in this Lite version of PUBG.
  • The weapons and other item found the battlegrounds are expected to be the same as PUBG Mobile version.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite In India?

Official launching is not yet done, it’s only available for the Philippines. But still, you can download the game to see its gameplay quality. However, PUBG officials confirmed that there are going to release a different Lite version for Indian network.

Still, you can’t hold yourself to have it on your device, then follow the steps to get it.

Step 1: Below is the link to download the APK file of PUBG Mobile Lite version.

APK Version 0.9.0

Game Size: 352MB

Download PUBG Mobile Lite

Step 2: Install the APK file on your device. (Make sure your device accept unknown source app )

Step 3: Before you start playing the game use a Good VPN to connect with the Philippine network. (If you don’t have a VPN app, download it from here)

Once the network is connected you’re ready to play the game.


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