Reach First Google Search Page Fast with these Technique

No matter what content you are creating or what product you are selling, you always wish to be on first page Google and that’s obvious because of the traffic that is engaged on this search engine.

Whenever you search something, Google provides 5-10 pages full of related content so being on the first page definitely increases the probability of getting clicked. Because many people don’t even bother about checking the second or third page. That means being on the page other than the first one is not that beneficial.

But how to be on page one?

Is it that easy?

Well, easy or not, but it is not impossible. If you want to know how to do it, look at the following tricks.

Pay for it:

You must have heard of SERP that is search engine results page. If you are number one on the list that indicates that you are number one on SERP too. If you opt for paid Ads, then those will be shown in separate shopping or ad section.

But most importantly they will be on top of the main page. Sometimes this paid Ad also shows up on the first page of google when google thinks that user is searching for the nearby business spots. This trick will cost you money, but this keeps you above organic (Non-paid) posts.

Use Long Keyword Strategy: Using proper keywords is the most useful trick to improve your SEO score. Use long keywords instead of short ones.

For e.g. Main Keyword: “Grades Improvements”

Long keywords: 10 ways to improve your grades within less time.”

This is not necessary that this will bring you enormous readers or clickers, but this add some part to it. Try to know about trending keywords and write the content that revolves around that keyword. Long keywords are there in majority of searches because nowadays people directly ask questions on google. All you need to focus upon is how will you lead the traffic to quality content through your keywords.

Know your competitors and spy on them

Wherever you go, you have to deal with the competition. You must know at least 20 competitors of yours and you should have URLs of their content. You can always take help in outreach by Degions. Here Is the service link that you and your competitors are writing for same keywords, you should be prepared enough to beat them keyword game.

For this, you need to spy on them. You have to read their blog and see their content style. Don’t forget to mention profitable keywords in your content because your competitors are already acing it. Match your keywords with top 1-2 results. Once you know how to keep them behind, the first page of Google is all yours.

Write more, better and longer

If you provide valuable content with proper keywords tagged, you are unbeatable. Don’t just write to convert, write to satisfy the need of your customers/readers. They should get what they were looking for and providing that good and detailed information to them is your responsibility. Use features like Bold, italic and underlined to make your content attractive and easy to understand. Never forget to add meta description to your content.


Make sure your share button leads to every famous and active social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram etc. You can use guest bloggers and you can guest post too. Trust us or not, this helps. In order to make your readers share your content, you must add informative images, graphics, Videos, and GIFs. This can be easily done with various mediums that are available in the form of apps or online tools.

Try to get reviewed and featured

You can’t always spend a lot of money and time for SEO score. Instead of your own site being on page 1 on google, you can have your website/blog listed or reviewed in someone else’s website.

Some writers do that. They review a few websites/blogs from the same industry and put direct links to those blogs. But for that, you have to perform well with your content. This trick surely good for your growth as well as an improvement because it costs no money and no time.

Being on the first page of Google is a big deal.

It gives you whole new customer/reader base, new marketing strength, and higher conversion rate but you have to do your best from your end. When you are new to blogging or online branding, it is not always possible to get all the attention on internet. But as your blog grow old, it has something to offer to your audience. If you want to offer this to a larger platform, you must skip some conventional practices like wait. To get unexpected, you have to do unexpected things. Hopefully, the above tips will help you in your SEO progress.

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