Reliance JioFI JioGST A One Stop GST Solutions for Smart Traders

While India has moved to a new taxation system GST(Good and service tax), the leading telecom company in India Reliance has come up with a simple solution for traders by coming up with one solution JioFi JioGST.


Reliance is offering this kit only for Rs 1,999 with complete GST solutions with one-year unlimited voice and 24 GB data for 1-year JioFi device including billing APP. Also, you can enjoy EMI with just RS 95.03 (only for credit card holders).

While other competitors of Jio are thinking for come back in GST, reliance has made their debut first in the market with JioGST solution. It’s a compact solution kit that provides everything that you will need for solving all your GST problems.

What will you have in JioGST kit?

It includes all the things that one trader will need for GST management. Below are the key features of JioFI JioGST kits that you must know before buying this.

  • You will get free GSP and ASP service for 1 year with this kit.
  • Automatic population of purchase summary that will help you to maintain your accounting.
  • Unlimited voice and 24 GB data with JioFi, for 1 year. Which will help you to stay connect to the internet and update your information’s online.
  • Easy to use mobile based billing application access for 1 year.
  • You will get daily summary invoices for full GST compliance.
  • Ready to use the catalog for different products.
  • Find an expert tax practitioner near to you, for support anytime.

How to start with JioFi JioGST starter kits?

Starting with JioGST kits is quite simple. However, if you find it difficult to use you can get support for near Jio customer support anytime. Follow the below steps to activate and start your JioGST kit.

  • First, order your JioGST kit from
  • After the kits are delivered to your address visit nearest Reliance Digital/ DX Mini / Jio store with original invoice, JioFi box. (Remember to carry Adhar card for verification).
  • Once you are done, you will get Jio Prime membership benefits including unlimited voice + 2GB data.
  • Now, visit to create an account (Ignore if you have already created one).
  • Then login to your account using the username and password, and Select your GSTIN and pair your JioFI MSISDN to activate and get your JioGST kit started.


As far the Jio announcement this kits is free to use for one year, but after that, you need to pay charges for operations. Still, jio has not announced anything about the charges.

Where to buy JioFi JioGST and how?

Currently, jioGST is available for customers. You can visit the official page of jio to order your JioGST. However, for any other pieces of information or inquiries regarding JioGST, you can visit the jioGST official page, where you will get detailed information about it.

Here is the procedure to by and get one JioGST for your business or trade

  • Visit the official page of jio first.
  • Now, search for jioGST.
  • Place the order and wait for it delivered to you.


Once JioGST is delivered to you, follow the steps that I have mentioned above to activate it to enjoy hassle free GST management at very low cost.

GST is made to make Indian economy more strong and easy for everyone. By getting one JioGST you can make it even simpler for trading or business. As it is just started you might found someone charging high for managing your tax in your local market, in this case, JioGST can make your GST simple. Also, there are some other softwares in the market are providing a simplified solution for GST, like Cleartax, tallysolutions, and ZOHO. I would recommend you get one simple software’s deal with this new taxation system in India.

Hope this helps you to find a simple solution to deal with GST, if you have anything to ask, please comment below.

Reliance JioFI JioGST A One Stop GST Solutions for Smart Traders
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