Here is Why Should Stop Using Sarahah App Right Now

The Sarahah app didn’t make the right justification of its name. The meaning of this Arabic word is ‘Honesty’, but I and you people don’t think that that it holds its honesty. Sending someone messages anonymously will be obviously called as an obscure activity to perform. This app is lilting overall social media’s especially Facebook and has been trolled by millions of people. So what are the causes that lie behind this criticism that Sarahah app faced so many let’s go through them and study and then you can know why it is not worthy of using? Let’s see is it really safe to use?


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Backend Story of Sarahah App What You May Don’t Know

This is an app published by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. Well, there is nothing so much to know about this app. This app was previously a website but seeing its growing popularity the developer made it an app for daily day to day use. Zain developed this app to for the employees to give feedback or suggestions to their boss and the boss couldn’t even know that person. The idea was not bad but it turned bad when people started to use it for the annoying purpose.

Sarahah despite having so much trolled still managed to have the 3.1-star rating on Google play with a total 17, 456 users giving it 5 stars and over 10 million downloads. That’s quite polarising. It is available for IOS and Android Smartphone users.

Raw Facts of The Viral Sarahah App

  • It is an undistinguished messaging app.
  • Send messages without logging into the account.
  • It doesn’t require your mobile number.

How Sarahah App Really Works?

Sarahah is best in irritating others with the simple working procedure. There is no doubt that it doesn’t require any complex steps to perform because it doesn’t even acquire your mobile number- what else should be easier! So let’s check out how it works:

  • First of all, you have to set up an account.
  • Give your username as your wish.
  • Now you have logged in.
  • After logging in, you can send your Sarahah link to various social media’s like facebook and twitter.
  • Now if anyone having the link can send you a message.
  • The user has a link and clicking on it a text box will open.
  • In that text box, it will be written- ‘leave a constructive message’.
  • Just type whatever you want anything and hit it.
  • On receiver’s side, you can flag, delete messages or add to favorite.
  • The senders may be the user of Sarahah app or may not. That doesn’t matter.

So that’s how this app works. The most interesting fact is that that without being a user of the app you can send a message if you have the Sarahah link.

Are there any positive vibes in Sarahah app?

This will be little hard to find any good thing in this app. This app basically performs only one action and that is sharing. Write any message and share it on your social media’s. You can’t even reply to any message and can’t even know the person who has sent you the message. Now if you talk about privacy options then it‘s also in danger because it doesn’t register your mobile number with the app; the only email is attached. Only synchronizing with your email an app can be highly secure as far I know.

There is basically no primary advantages but there are some pseudo good qualities that differentiate it from it’ similar brother apps like Yik Yak, Secret, and whisper. Rather focusing more on social media it is concerned more with sending messages. You can turn off the search option for your profile making your profile more undistinguished. You can also block a user and as for that, he can’t send you to message anymore.

Positivity vs. Negativity: Is it really safe for you?

This app is all about pranks, sending messages irreverently to anyone. This is not even highly secure, so positive things are lesser in amount as compared to negative features. This has gone viral to teenagers and created a tension issue for the parents. Generally, teenagers love to do these stuff, bullying their friends sending anonymous messages-kind of a fun. So whatever the basic motto of the app was established to build is not up to the mark.

In some corners of the world, it is widely used by terrorist organizations because the main negatives advantage of the app “hiding your identity”. So there is full possibility that you may be the victim of this rude and dangerous trap. I think and it would be clever to refrain from this app so that cyberbullying doesn’t affect you.

Final Words

Seriously I didn’t find any goodwill to use this app. There is nothing so special so that I can be communally benefitted or be connected with friends with some genuine and authentic purpose; in reverse, it may put me in danger to your privacy. Though it is trending in social media’s a lot as it is unique in hiding your identity which someone like and someone not. But if you love secure and safe social connections to mass then it is not a good choice for you. So, what you think is it safe or unsafe?, I would love to read your comment below.

Here is Why Should Stop Using Sarahah App Right Now
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