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Hello, We often see awesome informative web pages on the web, and urgently want to save web pages as PDF so that we can access it later. But many people face problems to save it as pdf. If you are struggling with saving web pages as pdf, then don’t worry! you are on the right page.

Today I will show the best and easiest(as far I know) tricks to save web pages as pdf. And what if I say, you could save it with just 4 clicks?. Yes! You can do it within a sec. Although, there are many softwares are there available on the web, but if you have chrome installed on your PC and mobile, you don’t need to install any software that kills your storage space. Not just on PC, I will also show you how you can do it on mobile devices.

save web pages as pdf

Chrome comes with many features that many of us don’t know, but they are really useful and make our work easy. Today I will highlight one of its features to save web pages as pdf. It’s easy and simple, no need for an external extension, just follow the below “step by step guide”.

How To Save Web Pages To PDF On PC Using Chrome

Step 1

Right click on the webpage that you want to save as PDF.

Step 2

Once you right click on the web page, there you can see one option “Print”. Click on that. or you can use shortcut Ctrl+P (or Cmd +P if you are using a mac)

web page to pdf step1

Step 3

Now, click on the change button and change the format to “Save as PDF”

Note: If by default it is showing “Save as PDF” then you don’t need to do changes. just skip this step and let it be “Save as PDF”.

web page to pdf step 2

Step 4

Now, click to the “save” and select the location where you want to save your pdf. That’s it! 4 Click and your pdf are saved.

Check out this step by step by video tutorial.

How To Save Web Pages To PDF On Mobile Using Chrome

Yes, on mobile also using chrome you can do this. Do need of installation any App, just follow below easy steps.

Step 1

Open chrome option on your mobile device by clicking on the right top. Below I have shown using arrow where you need to click.

Step 2

Once it is open click on the print option.

Step 3

Click to save and choose your preferred location and name. That’s all!


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Q & A

  • Can I use this method for printing web pages?

Yes! you can. just after clicking to print without choosing to save as PDF, click to print. and it will redirect to printing page. Select your printing options and click to print.

  • Okay, But what about other browsers, Is there any way to save web pages as PDF on all browsers?

If you are not using chrome and want to save you web pages as PDF, You can use an online converter, like Just drop your URL that you want to save and PDF and click to convert. It will convert your web page into a PDF file, then download it. OR you can try PDF converter app to do this.

Hopefully, now you can easily convert webpages into pdf on your PC as well as on Mobiles.

Do you know any other better way? I would love to hear from you.

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