How to Setup SMPT/IMAP/POP3 Webmails on Gmail Android App

Facing problems to set up SMPT/IMAP/POP3 emails on android phones? , Well, today I come with an amazing solution to do this using your Gmail App. If you have a business mail like or anything other types of the mail server that you use, and wish to set up on Android mobile, can set up using my tricks.

So, without waiting for more let’s jump into the guide.

How to set up SMPT/IMAP POP3 webmail on Android Mobiles Using Gmail App

To set up a server or webmails emails on Mobile using this trick, you must have Gmail app installed on your android device and internet data in turn on the situation.

Step 1: Open the Gmail App and click on the menu section.

Step 2: Now look below and click on the “settings” option.

Step 3: Now Click on the “Add account” D:\Projects\Smartwoop\

Step 4: Once the account section is open you will find many options of the mail server, choose “Other” option.

Step 5: Now enter your mail id that you want to set up.

Step 6: Click on the next and Add the type of mail server setup you want, options available POP3 or IMAP

Step 7: Now add the webmail password and confirm.

You’re ready to go!

Once you did the setup, turn off sync option of your device for emails, and you will get notifications for incoming mails. Also, you can do reply of mails, and send new mails once setup is done.

Hope this article helps you find helpful information. If you need any help regarding setup the webmail on gmail app, please comment below, I will try my best.


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