5 Similar Sites like G2A/ G2A Alternatives

HRK Games

Gamers! You might know about the G2A, which is one of the popular marketplaces for games. Now if you got bored of playing G2A game, and looking for similar games like G2A, then here is a good news for you. Because, today you will get to know about the best 5 top Sites like G2A or you can say G2A Alternatives, from where you can get more exciting games and offers for different platforms like Xbox One, PSN, Uplay, Origin, Steam, and more just like G2A.

5 Best Similar Sites like G2A – G2A Alternatives

There are many gaming websites like G2A available which provide various games for all the platforms like Origin, Steam, Apple Gameforge, Blizzard, HTC Vive, and other. Games from all genres like Action, Adventure, Horror, Stealth, RPG, Tower Defense, and much more are available on these sites. So, here we go…



Kinguin is one of the best alternatives for gaming marketplace like G2A which provides the latest, popular, and trending games for various platforms including Android, battle.net, EA origin, Free2play, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, Uplay, etc. Games of different genres are also available. The best thing of Kinguin is its prices for games which are so reasonable and the best in comparison to others gaming marketplaces.

Apart from Games and others software, Kinguin Provides various awesome CS Go Skins which will definitely give the best gaming experiences you have ever had, even at cheap rates.

HRK Games

HRK Games

HRK Games is a one-stop destination for gamers where you can get all the latest games, software, and whatever you need for the best gaming experience. It also provides games of all genres for different platforms including Mac and Linux with best deals. You can search for games from different categories like Top Sellers, Future Games, New Releases, Under $10, Under $5, Under $2, PS, Xbox, 3DS, and others. There is no chance to miss the best deals. All the games provided by HRK Games are with offers like free one or two games. Even some games have inbuilt VPN access.

The user interface is so simple and synchronized that all the latest and trending games would come to your home screen without any customization.

Lucky Random Key

Lucky Random Keys

Lucky Random Key is another game provider website which gives tough competition to all other websites in case of providing trending games as well as in case of prices too. Yes, it offers the best prices for games for which millions of gamers prefer the website. What you can get on Lucky Random Key at $2, I can bet, you can not get the deal on other sites. Because its motto is to provide the best games and services to the games with fewer profits and that is the reason it has gained a great reputation in the gaming world.

Despite cheap rates, here you can get all the latest and trending games from different categories and of course, of all genres.

Games Rocket

Games Rocket

Games Rocket has earned a reputation in the gaming world because of its consistent performance in providing all exciting, latest, and trending game cards and software with the highest discount offers. It provides games for PC, Mac, Steam, Nintendos, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. Here you will get games of all genres like Action, adventure, horror, tactical, MMO, RPG, fight, tower defense, Survival, and all others.

While doing researches on this site, I have found many games with 78% discount. There might be more offers. And the best thing I think is the safe and secure shopping option via Paypal, Amazon Pay, Debit Cards, Paysafe card, etc.

Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate is one of the best websites for buying games where you can get games from different categories like special offers, new releases, coming soon, top sellers, most popular, etc. for easy access for updates so that you can get updated with the latest games as well as with the best deals for them. Despite genres like action, strategy, RPG, adventure, simulator, casual, and others, Gamers Gate provides many games designed for kids. Apart from these, Gamers Gate offers many offers including huge discounts up to 81%, found during the search.

The website is specially designed for mobiles, so it may not open on your PCs. So try to buy games using your Smartphone’s.

Final Words

So here you have got some amazing sites like G2A, from where you can enjoy all exciting games and more with great offers and best price. These are the 5 best websites like G2A which are able to fulfill all your needs regarding PC games, Console games, game cards, and others. And all the websites mentioned above offers the best deals in comparison to other game providers. So, browse to those Top 5 G2A Alternatives from your browsers and grab the best deals for your favorite games and play them on PC, PlayStation networks, Xbox, and on other platforms.

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