Best Sites like Humble Bundle/ Top Humble Bundle Alternatives!

Humble Bundle is a popular name in the world of games and software which provides bundles of exciting games and software with many interesting features and facilities for various platforms in very cheap rates.But Humble Bundle is not alone, There are many sites like Humble Bundle are available which provides the same services with even better facilities. Today, we have revealed those top 5 best Sites like Humble Bundle after going through research studies.

So if you want to know about Humble Bundle alternatives for books, for PS4, or for Software, then be with us, know about the Best 5 Humble Bundle Alternatives and get all the interesting games and software with best deals.

Best Sites like Humble Bundle

There are many alternatives of Humble Bundle available but all aren’t worthy for you. So, we have compared and handpicked the top similar sites like Humble Bundle for you which will provide you exciting games and software for all platforms.

Flying Bundle

Flying Bundle is one of the best Humble Bundle alternatives which provide all exciting bundles of games and software for the users. Some are even more interesting and exciting than Humble Bundle. That is why millions of users have chosen Flying Bundle in spite of Humble Bundle for their various games and their features. The best part of the Flying Bundle is that it keeps upgrading its interface with new bundles on a regular basis and designs the bundles with all the games and software that you really need.

There are many bundles have already been upgraded and they are Flying Welcome Bundle, Flying Moonrise Bundle, Dungeons n Computers Bundle, Flying New Year Bundle, Flying Bundle 5, Flying Bundle 8, Flying RPG Bundle, series of Flying Addicts Bundle, and lots more. And most importantly the bundles are really cheaper than others.

Bundle in a Box

“Bundle in a Box” is another best option for gamers to buy and download video games with a lot of deals and offers. It provides a huge collection of bundles for the users according to their choice and there you will get a variety of games in each and every bundle. The best part of the “Bundle in a Box” is that it provides Reviews on each bundle and users’ ratings too which will help you to get detailed descriptions about the bundles of games and software. And then you can choose the perfect bundles for you.

The bundles are synchronized in different categories like Action- Adventure games, Mobile games, Sports Games, Poker games, Puzzles games, RPG games, Sci-Fi games, etc. Buying this bundle saves a huge amount of money; hence they are profitable for you.

Groupees Bundle

If you are looking for a platform with a variety of software for fun, learning, and for working, Groupees is the destination for you. All kinds of software for business development, learning courses, gaming and others are available here. And most importantly, the bundles of software provided by Groupees contain supporting software which is needed for the particular purposes in very cheap rates. If you visit the site, you can get much useful software for developing your professional skills, for developing your own business, and of course for fun too.

Some of the most liked bundles of Groupees are Business Bundle, Brainbuster Bundle 2, Android Development Bundle, Data Deep Dive Bundle, Python Perfection Bundle, White Hat Cyber Security Bundle, Marketing and Sales Hacker Bundle, Delicious Designer Bundle, and lots more.

Indie Gala

The brightest star in the world of gaming is Indie Gala where you can get almost category video games compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It provides bundles of games such as the Anime Wonderland Bundle, Friday Special Bundle, Monday Motivation Bundle, Hump Day Bundle, Doorways to Halloween bundles, and lots more. Apart from these, you can choose your favorite games too from the different categories like Best Seller, Alphabetical, Discounted, game genres like Action, adventure, fight, strategy, RPG, and other.

All the games Indie Gala has provided are so reasonable with exciting offers and many free vouchers. You can get up to 92% discount for your favorite games.

Cubic Bundle

Cubic Bundle is another best option for steam game bundles like Humble Bundle which provides a huge collection of games for the users. You can search and choose from bundles according to categories and genres. It offers games in bundles and singles too in very cheap rates. Along with the bundle of games, users will get 5-7 games which, or discounts, or many free games, or others. Though it varies from game to game, Cubic Bundle offers discounts up to 96%.

Cubic Bundle provide games are licensed games, means all are provided right from the developers or publishers, hence it can provide them in fewer prices and all the games are secure too. The payment options are also safe and secured.


These are the top 5 sites like Humble Bundle. You can try for purchasing gaming apps and other interesting and useful software. When it comes to buying best games online, no doubt Humble Bundle is one of the best choices. But if you really want to explore more gaming sites with even much better price and service then visit these Humble Bundle alternative websites to ensure the best price.

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