Smart Devices: Find the Right Hi-Tech Product for Your Life


Have you ever heard of smart devices? No, those are not smartphones, smartwatches and other gadgets to which we are used to. There are things that surround us in our house. Those are usual devices, like a watch, a light bulb, a printer. They are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a good reason for that. They make our lives much more convenient.

Automation now serves your security and your comfort. Just imagine that you can setup any electronic device depending on your needs. Your smart alarm clock wakes you up when you need it. With your smart door locks, you will not get worried if you closed the door. And your smart home takes care of everything for you.

Where to Find the Best Smart Products

Find the best smart solutions easily and conveniently on 4prototypes. Just think of something that you would like to make more comfortable. Would you like to:

  • Have a kitchen that cooks breakfast before you wake up?
  • Sleep in peace because you know that your smart smoke alarms are working?
  • Enjoy your workout at home, because you are using smart health and fitness gadgets?
  • What about getting all needed services just with a push of a controller button?

Or what else would you like to have? Technology now has developed so much that it uses a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to make your everyday life simpler. Such wirelessly connected devices can do many things for a smart home. On, you will find all smart gadgets, for any use.

How to Select a Hi-Tech Product

Here, you can browse not only smart products, but also smart systems. Do you prefer wearable devices? These hi-tech products allow you monitoring your daily activities, keep healthy lifestyle and simply look modern.

If your priority is a comfortable home, where you could afford being lazy, you might want to pay attention to other categories of smart products. What about a new smart home hub? A smart system will take care of your least favorite activities. Just check the extensive list of providers on to have an idea of the solutions you might want to get. The names of such brands like Alexa or Zigbee speak for themselves.

And if you want to find something special, you are welcome to check the Collections Section. The best new ideas for your kids, pets, friends, for your home or office. What about making a quick look at them? Just take control over what you would like your home to be. What about equipping your nest with a smart human-looking robot that will help you do house-chores?


Are you still thinking? On, you can find all those cool appliances classified in a very convenient way. Select a category, and you will see a popup menu. There, you can select whatever you need. Ask our community, get professional advice and just enjoy each your purchase!


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