Stuck? This App Will Help You Solve Homework Problems

When I was a kid, I used to face homework problem often. Sometimes, when solving math, I used to get stuck and mind blank. Totally lost!, I also used to take help of google search to solve the problem, but its hard to explain everything in the search. Most of the time, I could not find useful information related to my problem. Do you face similar problem? , Do you also stuck in between your study?. If so, then here I brought something awesome for you. What if I say, an app will be your best helper when you got stuck. Yes, one genius app.

homework solving app

I am talking about an app, that runs by the artificial intelligence, very smart and finds the perfect solving for your problem. As, we all know, how things are changing these days, the latest technology is making it possible to shop online, book cabs online and much more, then why not an artificial homework helper?. Yes, a homework helper who gives you every solution for your homework problems.

Introducing “Socratic- Homework answers”

This is an android app available on play store for helping students to solve the homework problems. It has a highly intelligent program system that solves the problems very quick, by giving you the information’s related to that problem. Want to know how?, Below I will be discussing everything about this amazing app. So, read on…

How Socratic works?

Socratic made homework easy. All you need to take a photo of your problem and upload on Socratic, this smart app will search and find all the information’s that you need to solve the problem. Yes, it’s that easy, just upload and done. You will get videos, step by step guide, math’s equations, tutorials, everything instantly at your mobile. It supports math’s, science, history, economics, English, and much more. It’s a life saver app when you will get stuck. I wish I would have one app like this in my school days.

Some cool features of Socratic

  • Get instant answers by clicking photos only.
  • Find the answers instantly.
  • Teaches you exactly what you need, no flood of informations.
  • Free to use, no limitation of use.
  • Smart artificial intelligence for detecting what you are looking for exactly.
  • Get the best online video tutorial from well-reputed sources like Khan academy, crash course etc.

How exactly solve homework’s using Socratic?

Now, I will show you step by step how you can use this app to solve your homework problems.

  • First thing first, downloads Socratic app from Google play store.
  • Next, take your photos properly. Once you have taken the picture, the AI will detect the image, and find out what you are looking for exactly.
  • Once you have done with uploading, it will collect all best information’s like articles, video content, tutorials, how-tos, everything for solving your problem.

What people are talking about this app [User Review]

I looked into Google playstore to find out what is the response of this application.It gets millions of install on Google playstore and getting a good response on playstore.  I found the play store review like this

Total reviews: 1,966

Given 5*: 1,508

Given 4*: 192

Given 3*: 71

Given 2*: 43

Given 1*: 152

So, as you can see most of the people, who installed the app, like this app for solving their homework. But, still, it needs improvements for making it more useful. I found some of the review, where peoples are not satisfied with their search results. But, most of them are really happy with this app. So, taking the both side, and as it is free to use, I would suggest you try this app once.

But don’t misuse Socratic

This app is made with the motive of helping students when they face difficulty to solve problems. Don’t make a bad habit of only depending on this app for doing your homework, as your brain is much more power app than anything ever invented. Use it wisely and take help only when you need it must. Also, don’t misuse it for doing cheating or any offensive work.

Final Words

Socratic is a very useful app if you know how to use it perfectly. Once you install it play with it, and try to get to know about all features of this app. And, take this app help, only when you really need it, or else keep it aside. Although Socratic can’t to everything for you, still it can find out most useful information to solve the problem. You may find a step by step guide, or video tutorial, or article regarding your queries. So, enjoy the app!

Stuck? This App Will Help You Solve Homework Problems
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