Tricks to Speed up Internet via Command Prompt [Boost Up Now]

Internet is a part of our life, everybody needs the internet to fulfill their requirement effortlessly in short Period. In today generations, we often use internet to communicate with our Friends, relatives etc.. And also we could have much fun with Internet because everything is possible with Internet. Frankly, internet is eco-friendly, easily adjustable with anybody.. But sometimes we encounter with slow internet speed which totally makes us helpless.. If we find slow speed internet during our works then it makes us angry , uncomfortable, and awkward. It creates misunderstand situation! Don’t get burst because there are easy tricks to speed up Internet via Command Prompt  so I am here to share you some tricks to give your problem an easy solution so that you could increase your internet speed without any others help and precede your work gently. You just need to follow the instruction given below

How to check Internet speed on your PC using Cmd

Now you can easily check your Internet speed on your PC using cmd by following the steps below-

  • Close all programs running on the internet.
  • Open Run Windows by opening Windows logo and type R
  • Type cmd  on Run windows dialog.
  • Now type ping and next to it type the website you want to check speed

This will show the relevant Internet speed on your PC using cmd. Now below given hints or details are the tricks for increasing your internet speed.

Easy Tricks to Increase Internet speed via Command Prompt 

Speed up the Internet using Cmd 

  • Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt
  • Right click on cmd and select run as administrator
  •  Now Enter the following commands
  • Netsh int tcp show global and press Enter
  • Netsh int tcp set chimney=enabled and press Enter.
  • Netsh int tcp set global auto tuning level= normal and press Enter.
  • Netsh int set global congestion provider= ctcp and press Enter.

Speed up the Internet by DNS cache

Sometimes when we use internet we usually stored lots of IP addresses of different websites to access the users easily but in return it makes the internet speed lower when we browse so it should be flush or deleted time to time. So just follow the steps given below-

  • Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt.
  • Right click on cmd and select run as administrator
  • Now type ipconfig  / flushdns and press enter.

Speed up the Internet by netsh int ip reset

  • Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt 
  • Right click on cmd and select run as administrator
  • Type netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt and press Enter.


Speed up the Internet by Pings to default Gateway


In this step if you don’t know your default gateway than type ipconfig. And once you get your default gateway than keep running ping continuously by pint-t.<your default gateway address>


So,  I have shown you the easy tricks to boost up your Internet speed via Command Prompt. If you want to enjoy good internet speed during your work , than just try out the given details or steps above mentioned. I hope it might bring solutions to your internet speed problems. We know that we often get Frustrated if our internet  speed comes low while doing any emergency works or any projects. So we reboot our devices to regain strong speed but the problems still persists and later on we change the internet developer network and goes any better network but what I want to convey is without doing any extra effort you can easily boost up your Internet speed with some technical trips.. So my suggestion is just try the steps given above and see the magic of extra High Internet speed. 

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