42+TamilRockers Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2019


Are you a Tamil movie lover? Then you must have heard about the TamilRockers, the most popular site which uses to provide all the latest and old Tamil movies. You can download the movies of their choice and watch them anytime anywhere. But due to some legal issues, the Tamil Nadu government has blocked the site. Now, users cannot browse the site and download movies for free without using the TamilRockers proxy sites.

That is why we have brought [Working] 42+ TamilRockers proxy and mirror sites list. These proxy sites help the users to browse and download all the new and old Tamil movies available on the sites. So keep reading this article to know more about all the possible ways to bypass firewall and browse TamilRockers’ contents very easily.

Let’s get started with a brief description of TamilRockers and the reasons behind its restrictions.

About TamilRockers

tamilrockers proxy sites

TamilRockers is an Indian torrent site which is most popular for providing Tamil movies, videos, and other contents. Users can browse and download the latest Tamil movies, as well as old Tamil movies, form the sites for absolutely free. That is why millions Tamil movie lovers from India and other parts of the globe have opted for the site. But after the interference of the Tamil Nadu government, the site has been blocked permanently. After the restriction, to date, the site owners are still continuing providing movies for the users by using different domain names and by using tamilrockers proxies.

Why has TamilRockers Been Blocked?

Like other Torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, KickAss, and 1337x, TamilRockers uses to provide all the latest Tamil movies as well as old classics for absolutely free, without the permission of the producers of those movies, for the users. As a result, the producers of those movies use to face losses because of the BitTorrents uploaded by TamilRockers. That is why a lot of complaints and cases have been filed against the TamilRockers. Finally, the Tamil Nadu government has blocked the site.

Though TamilRockers is a restricted site, it can be accessed by using different techniques. The easiest ways are the TamilRockers proxy sites and the VPN service. Here we have provided details for both the ways.

42+ TamilRockers Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2019

One of the easiest ways to unblock TamilRockers is using proxy or mirror sites. Like other sites, TamilRockers proxy sites have actually been created for providing better services to the users by reducing the site load. So users can now use the proxy sites for browsing the torrent files and download them. Here we have mentioned the genuine TamilRockers proxy sites which will fulfill all the requirements of the users.

So the updated list of 42+ TamilRockers proxy sites is:

Proxy and Mirror Sites

Is It Safe to Use TamilRockers Proxy Sites?

It is totally safe to use TamilRockers proxy sites for browsing and downloading the BitTorrent because Tamil Nadu government has restricted the IP Address of main domain of TamilRockers and proxy sites are a totally different thing. Like other websites, the TamilRockers proxy sites have also been created for providing services to the users in a better and faster way. They are actually different websites that use to browse contents from the main domain of TamilRockers. Hence, all the IP addresses are different from the IP address of the TamilRockers’ main domain. So there is nothing to worry about while using the proxy or mirror sites.

But if the government uses to ban some of these proxy sites, then it is better to stop using the sites to avoid legal issues. And it is very easy to recognize restricted or blocked sites. All the blocked or restricted sites show a warning message while browsing. So users are suggested to stop browsing the sites after watching such warning messages.

VPN Service

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is an encrypted route that allows the users to share files between one or two or more connected devices. In this method of sharing, the IP addresses and locations become hidden. So users can build secure connections with restricted sites by connecting via servers of other regions. No online activity can be tracked by any government or authority. Hence, VPN service is better than using proxy sites in case of providing privacy to the users.

In case of browsing TamilRockers, users can browse the contents of the site by building an encrypted route via any server that belongs to other countries. That’s because TamilRockers is restricted in India only; the government cannot block or restrict users of other countries from browsing TamilRockers. Hence, users can connect to servers of other countries and browse the sites.

There are many VPN service providers are available on the internet. Many of them provide free services while some provide premium services to the users. Some of the best VPN service providers till date are VPN Reddit, IpVanish VPN, NordVPN, PureVPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, TunnelBear VPN, Hide My Ass VPN, Tor Guard VPN, and ExpressVPN.

Final Words

Watching movies is a favorite pastime to all and TamilRockers makes the pastimes awesome, with all the latest and old Tamil movies. So bookmark the page, browse all the TamilRockers proxy sites and download whatever you want. You can opt for the second way too i.e. the VPN service to browse and download your favorite Tamil movies from TamilRockers. If there is any other query related to TamilRockers and its proxies, please do comments in the comment box below.


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