The Best Mobile Messaging Platforms In 2020


People from all around the globe are now connected using mobile phones. It is more than just sending and receiving the text and the calls. Many mobile messaging platforms can help you to communicate with your dear ones very easily. Now, mobile phones are the best alternatives to share with your friends, families, and clients.

It is a medium using which you can make the distance shorter and the communication better. It is the best way to make connections with your dear ones over the phone. There are many platforms that we can use to communicate well with our friends, families, and clients to understand the needs in a better way.

Best Mobile Messaging Platforms in 2020

You need to know several best mobile messaging apps, which can help you communicate better in 2020. Therefore, let’s get the details of these messaging platforms to get a better insight into it.

1.Facebook Messenger

Facebook currently has 1.3 billion active users worldwide; this makes it the most substantial global community for mobile messaging. Facebook messenger is an extension of Facebook that will help you text message your dear ones instantly and the other people beyond your networks. It provides the most cost-effective means that allows you to integrate the different business solutions with you. It is the most user-friendly means to connect with your near ones.


Whatsapp is the most popular mobile messaging system one can use to communicate with your friends on mobile. It gives you the ability to text messages, and you can make the VoIP Calls from your phone to other computers. You can make global connections with your friends, families, and relatives. You can also do group messages up to 250 people at a time. Hence, You can easily make your communication process broader and more extensive. It is the second most popular free app that is used for mobile text messaging worldwide.


It is the most popular web-based platform for business texting and SMS marketing. It provides organizations with the ability to create marketing campaigns and business texting opportunities. It also helps you to share the essential alerts using one to one customer service text messages. Under one account, an entire team can communicate with one another easily. It is the most affordable way to share with your mass audience using individual texts. Hence, you can use this mobile messaging platform to communicate with a large number of people in a short period.


It is another mobile texting messaging app that you can use to communicate with many people. It is almost like a Whatsapp that you can use to text, call, send pictures, and video messages to the other person who is there in the other part of your mobile text message. You can do unlimited group messages. It also allows photos, videos, and GIFs. Hence the mode of communication is easier and better now with the help of this mobile messaging platform.


Snapchat is the most popular mobile messaging app that you can use to communicate with your target customers. You can easily share your pictures, videos, and many more. This is the most fantastic app that is easy to use, and you can quickly build connections with a broad set of target audiences. You can communicate with your friends, families, and relatives using this app in a small period.



Hence, mobile messaging apps can bring your world together in a short period. You can communicate with your friends, family, and relatives very quickly. You can share your memorable moments with videos and photos to cherish the best moments of your life. Mobile text messaging apps have transformed the world to a great extent. The distance has become shorter, and the communications have become better among your near ones. The mentioned messaging apps are the free versions that you can install on your phone and use. The best part of these messaging apps is that you need to invest any money to talk with your near ones.

Therefore, mobile text messaging has made the world small and it brings it to your hand. You can now communicate with your dear ones in a small span of time without ant problems and issues.

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