Top 10 Best iPhone X Wireless Charging Cases To Charge Up Wirelessly

iPhone X wireless charging cases are now available on the market. Still don’t have one? , Don’t worry, Today, we come up with best iPhone X wireless charging cases that every iPhone lovers will surely love to buy. These are some of the top wireless charging cases for iPhone X that we have picked after going to many reviews, and analysis.

Apple customers around the globe had been deprived of a special feature in their smartphones i.e wireless charging cases since a decade now. Apple made it away and came to their rescue by introducing Qi standard of wireless charging in their 2017 series of newly launched smartphones,iPhone 8/8 plus, and iPhone X.

Best iPhone X Wireless Charging Cases 2018

To make it a bit easy for you to explore and search for options, we have implemented some of the best wireless charging cases available for your new iPhone X.Fast and efficient, easy to use, portability has been kept in mind in picking up those chargers.We are enlisting top 10 available charging options for your iPhone.Have a look through them!

CHOETECH wireless charging for iPhone X

Efficiency and safety are the main priority of CHOETECH wireless charger.It offers a really wide area of charging and comfortable placement of the phone(either vertically or horizontally) while charging.

The charger is very solid and compact.It is lightweight and portable.It also comes with a micro USB cable which is very handy.

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SAMSUNG wireless charger for iPhone X

SAMSUNG wireless charger is very stylish provides relatively fast charging to the smartphone.It is very rigid and secures the phone from surge and short circuit.Led indicator included indicates the charging status of the phone.The charger is also available in two colors-white and black to pick from.

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SPIGEN Essential F300W

The impressive stand design of SPIGEN wireless charger allows you to go through the phone while it’s in charge.Qi-enabled devices can be easily charged to this charger without any issues.

The charger has a solid built up and includes 3 coil which enhances the charging area to large extent.Led indicator is also there to show your phone’s charging status.

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ANKER is very stylish and has an impressive build up.It has anti-slip pads to provide more durability and be more secure.

The charger is literally twice as fast as normal chargers providing fast charging with the 10-watt output.Led light indicates the charging status of the phone.Most importantly the charger comes with an 18 month warranty period.

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TURBOT is a very stylish and multifunctional charger.You can go on your phone while plugging it on the charge without any issues.

You can generally boost up the charging speed using a 2.0 adapter.Led indicator provided helps you to align the phone properly.The charger is available in two colors-silver and black and its a must pick.

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TYLT VU wireless charger is soft but rigid.It’s stylish avatar charm you quite easily.It provides a wide area to place the phone comfortably while plugged in.

The built design of the charger is such that you can charge the phone either vertically or horizontally.Last but not the least it comes with the lifetime warranty which makes it one of the best pick.

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MOPHIE charge force

MOPHIE wireless charger is a very handy product to use.It provides fast charging and Qi standard charging for the Qi-enabled phones.It is solid and has a soft surface which does not scrape the back of your phone and secure it from surge and short circuit.

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BELKIN is a compact and lightweight wireless charger.It gives an output of 1amp which is decent to juice up your smartphone.It is strongly built and durable in the long run.

BELKIN comprises of-of a lot of healthy features which includes wall adapter,micro-USB to USB cable, led indicator to show charging status and so on.The soft surface of the charger provides the phone from getting any scratches.

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The fastest charger among all of them is the PLESON wireless charger.It is relatively very fast which is 1.4 times faster than any other normal charger.

It is compatible with most of the cases including armor case.Hence an iPhone with a case will not face any issues while charging.You can boost up the charging speed with a QC 2.0 adapter.Anti-slip pads are also provided which enhances stability.

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JETech is superior to other chargers in many ways.It gives supreme protection to the phone from surge and short circuit while charging and provides most secure and smooth charging.It also prevents the phone from getting overcharged.The output of the charger is 5V/1A.

The jetech charger comes with a micro USB cable,anti-slip pads, led indicator and much more.And the best part is that it comes with a 6-month warranty.

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We have implemented the most available and handy wireless chargers for your iPhone X. A lot of features have been kept in mind and discussed in details so that it becomes easy for you to decide which suits you the best.Now its time for you to pick the best one for your smartphone and let us know which one you liked the most and why.

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