Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks Users Must Know

You are using whatsapp from many years. It is the most popular messaging app in the world right now. It is having the highest number of users from any other messaging app out there online. But many of the people don’t know the tricks and hacks that one can do with their whatsapp messenger. Sometimes you may want to hide the notification of someone’s special chats, but you don’t know how to do it. May be you are looking for changing the theme or you want to hide any conversation, but you probably don’t know these hacks. This is why, in this article, you will get to know about top 10 best Whatsapp Tricks that you may don’t know.

Setting whatsapp notification

Every time when your mobile data is on and any massage comes on your whatsapp it arises on your screen. These notifications make you come to know that a new massage has been arrived in this chat. But you can easily customize the notifications. If the notifications are on in the setting and then any massage come to your whatsapp, you will get a notification every time.

Now if you want to hide these notifications then follow the simple steps mentioned below

Open whatsapp, go to settings and then notification, here you can set the status of notifications (on / off), for any individual and any group. Also allowing them to hide or show messages on lock screen.

You can also totally turn off the notifications of entire whatsapp by going to phone settings and then notifications and turning it off for whatsapp.

Changing whatsapp phone number

Changing whatsapp phone number is also possible. If you lost any sim card or anyhow you will be not able to use the sim card in future, then you can switch to another number of yours easily. This trick is really useful if you carry more than one mobile numbers for different purposes, or you often changes your contact number. Below is the steps that you can use to do this.

Open whatsapp, go to settings, and then click on the option account. Then you will see an option to change the number, click on it and give your new number. Now whatsapp will send you verification codes on both numbers just verify and proceed.

Formatting whatsapp messages

This is a cool feature of whatsapp that you can use to impress your friends. This method allows you to send whatsapp messages in italic and bold format.

To make a text italic you have to put ‘_’ before and after the text. E.g. _text_

If you want to make your text bold then you have to out ‘asterisk’ before and after the text. E.g. *text*

Web browser whatsapp

If you want to use your whatsapp on your laptop then this trick is for you.

  • You have to use on your laptop’s web browser.

  • Open whatsapp on your phone and click on the options, At top right side.

  • Open whats app on the web browser and scan the QR code with your smartphone

  • Now whenever your phone and laptop, both are connected to network you will be able to use whatsapp on your laptop.

Conversation backup to email

In case you are looking for a backup of any chat, to be kept in your email. Then you can use this simple trick

Then you have to go to the options of any chat. Then click on the option email chat. Then you have selected between whether you want to back up with media or not. Thus you can easily use keep a copy of chat to your email.

Tagging any friend

You can easily tag any of group members to any massage in the group conversation. You just need to tap on the massage and use @ mark just after taping the massage and before writing the name of that person.

Hiding all whatsapp media

This is among one of the best tricks of whatsapp. You can easily hide the all whatsapp media. Though this trick is only available for Android only. Now have a look how to do such

  • Open the file manager of your phone.

  • Go to the whatsapp media

  • Select the options and rename it, by just putting a “.” Before the name of the media folder.

  • And your whatsapp media is hided already.

Hiding any chat

You can easily hide any conversation, with anyone from your whatsapp. Just you have to tap on the conversation and click on the archive option.

Now let see how to unarchive the chat. Go to account, then privacy and click on the option unachieved chats.

Share your location

You can easily send your location to someone. First of all turn on your phone’s location. Then enter on the chat of the person, to whom you want to send your location. Go to attach option, at the bottom of right side. Then you will see an option of location. Just tap on it and send your location.

Send same messages to many persons at a time You can send same message to many people on whatsapp by a simple manner. You just go to the menu new broadcast. Then just select the persons you need to send the same massage and just end up by sending.

Final Thoughts

Here in this article I have discussed about best 10 Whatsapp hacks and tricks. These hacks will surely help you in many situations. So try them out for a better experience with your favourite Whatsapp messaging app.

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