Top 5 Important Skills in the Intern Resume

Employers search for interns with specific skill sets so that they can easily understand the nature of the job and make the required contribution to the company. Good communication skills, leadership, teamwork, and professional knowledge are some of the qualities of an efficient intern. Inculcating these skills and features can help you in staying ahead in the competition and increase your selection chances in securing an internship. Not only interns, but also there are various employers struggling to hire the best talent who have skills like positive attitude, great working spirit, and can excel in the assigned work.

Therefore it is important for all beginners to learn all those skills that can uplift their resume. For example, if you are a fresher or a student searching for  Android Development Internship, then you should develop and add all those skills in your resume that are relevant to your specific domain. With the idea of helping the students in the right direction, we have shared the top five important skills in the resume.

Communication Skills

You should have excellent writing, speaking, and listening skills so that you can easily communicate and share your ideas with employers and other interns in the company. Learning the listening skills can be helpful in understanding the queries or doubts of the.  coworkers and responding to them efficiently. And also, the writing or presenting skills can be helpful in sharing the ideas and important messages related to the work. Thus, every employer or HR assesses the communication skill of the applicants during the interview because the way you interact with the HR in the interview round is assumed to be the same way you will be communicating with the employer and other colleagues in the future.

Professional Knowledge

You should add each and every academic achievement and professional knowledge in the resume because you will be shortlisted for the further hiring rounds based on your resume. If you are willing to build a career in the digital marketing field and have pursued a digital marketing course then you should add all the related experience, knowledge, and skill gained through that course to increase your selection chances in the reputed industry.


One of the most important skills that every employer searches for in an intern is their ability to handle complex business challenges and quickly adapt to the changing work environment. Internships involve various duties and the responsibility and to manage it well the candidates should have flexibility and adaptability skills. Therefore, it is important for every beginner to learn to multitask and set the priority based on the importance of the work.

Time Management

With great time management skills, you will be able to finish all the tasks in the stipulated time. There are various internships that require you to manage your time effectively and allocate time to the assigned task as per their importance. Therefore, it is important for you to develop or improve the existing time management skill as it not only plays an important role in any organization but also in your personality development. The best part is that good time management skills will enhance your productivity and efficiency in your work.


Teamwork allows the employee to coordinate with each other to achieve a goal together which will help you in working with various professionals and enhancing your skill set by observing their working style. Nowadays, most companies are searching for interns who are well-equipped with new ideas and have the enthusiasm to achieve a successful career in life. Therefore, you should add Teamwork skills in your resume with a supportive explanation of how and when your teamwork skills helped you in achieving your personal or professional goals in life. This will not only create a good impression on employers but can also increase your chances of getting selected for the internship.

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