Looking for best gaming laptops of 2018?, Then you have landed on the right page. Because here we have come up with top 10 best gaming laptops of 2018 that every gamer must buy. These lists are made on basis of performance, quality, service, power, graphics, and looking at hundreds of features.

Most of the people mostly focus on the better performance and budget-oriented gaming laptops. Hence the use of gaming laptops is pretty rare, people do love gaming PC. But, As we know that all the laptops are not meant for gaming purposes, some specific laptops fall under this category which serves the purpose. A few of them are built for serving both the worlds of daily use and gaming too.

Gaming laptops should be efficient, better performance oriented and of a greater build and quality. They are high-end laptops with advanced features which makes them better than the regular ones.The most important thing to look out before buying a gaming laptop is to have a great graphics card. Presently two of them are available in the market.

Best Gaming Laptops of 2018

So, here we go for the top model gaming laptops that you probably want to buy in 2018. As gaming laptops are going crazy these days, and it is flexible and you can take it to anywhere, gamers are loving to play games with gaming laptops.


The best in the gaming world is Asus Rog GX501. It is portable, lightweight with a thickness of around 0.66 inches. It is generally called as a beast in this segment.

The laptop is well built with aluminum a metallic construction. It is stylish, sleek and sturdy and has great looks which give it an advantage over the other competitors.


  • It is thin, solid and portable.
  • It supports USB-C type, GTX 1080 and Thunderbolt.
  • Solid performance.
  • It supports NVIDIA.


  • Venting creates a problem.
  • The display is not 4k.
  • Battery life is not so good.

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The new Razer Blade in 2018 is the upgraded version of the most popular 2016 model. It carries out a sleek and stylish avatar. It includes the newest generation of processors called the kaby-lake processors and GTX 1060 graphics card which are technologically sound and provides an overall great gaming experience with the 3d environment as well.


  • Splendid battery life of about 10 hrs.
  • Newest processors and GTX 1060 graphics on board.
  • Supports VR gear.


  • Storage space is low.

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Gaming laptops must have the feature of portability and great performance to offer. Asus Rog GL502 shines in this department. It is a powerhouse and its pretty light, hence could be carried easily.

GTX 1070 graphics card which is provided in this one is a very powerful one and handle everything with ease.


  • Great Performance on offer.
  • HD gaming.
  • Sound quality is rich.


  • Poor battery life.

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Alienware range of laptops is popularly known for their gaming status in the gaming industry for a long time now. It is a stylish laptop which offers an O-LED display which is vibrant.

It comes with GTX 1060 graphics which gives an outstanding gaming experience including 3d environments.


  • Great design.
  • O-LED display which is rich in colors.
  • Great performance.


  • Poor battery life.

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Razer blade pro is a great gaming laptop but you have to sacrifice the battery life which is pretty bad of just about 3-4 hours a single charge.

It offers a 4k touch display and its an upgrade over the last generation along with THX certification which is pretty awesome.


  • Good overall performance.
  • 4k display.
  • THX certified.


  • Poor battery life.
  • High price range.
  • A noticeable amount of fan noise.

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Gigabyte Sabre pro 15 is a budget gaming laptop without compromising in its performance. It has a good keyboard and a touch panel for better feel.

GTX 1060 is provided which is a powerful chipset but the display does not suit up with the performance.


  • Budget oriented gaming laptop.
  • Good built.
  • Good performance.


  • Poor display.
  • Poor battery life.

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HP laptops are generally known for their looks. But they are trying to get hands on the gaming industry as well with their HP Omen 17.

It is a very stylish laptop with 17-inch 1080p display and it is very wide and enhances the rich experience of gaming through a wide view.

It offers GTX 1070 graphics which is a beast in its class.


  • Very stylish laptop.
  • Good performance.
  • GTX 1070 chipset.


  • No 4k display on offer even as options.
  • Plastic body.

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It is a great powerhouse and performance oriented laptop from Alienware series. It has a great build with attractive lighting goes well with the overall design.

It is a heavy laptop weighing around 9 pounds. The most important feature of the laptop is that it has a great storage which is used to store a lot of games.


  • Tobi- eye tracking system.
  • Great storage space for storing a lot of games.
  • Good built quality.
  • Multiple ports are available.


  • Poor battery life.
  • The loud noise of the fan.

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DELL is offering a value for money gaming laptop in 2018 with their DELL INSPIRON 15. It has a good display on offer and with ultra HD as an option.

It would come up with GTX 1050 graphics option which is very good considering the price range of the laptop.


  • Good build quality.
  • Stylish design.
  • Affordable.
  • Good performance.


  • Low storage.
  • The better display could be provided.

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One of the budget laptops for gaming on offer in 2018 has to be the Medion Erazer x6603.It comes with a full HD display and GTX 1050 graphics on board.

As the laptop runs high-end games, the battery life of the laptop drops to a great extent.


  • Full HD display.
  • Good overall performance.
  • Affordable to reach.


  • Poor battery life.
  • Build quality.

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We have tried our best to give an overview of the best available gaming laptops in 2018. A lot of points have been kept in mind while discussing including price range, built quality, graphics options, storage option, battery life and most importantly user rich experience.Finally, these are the best we have searched and discussed in details with you so that it becomes easy for you to choose the best one of them. Just look for the one that suits your needs and have fun at home.Now it’s your turn to pick the best one. we can just suggest and give advice, rest is up to you as it is your choice definitely and should not regret afterward.