Top Best Similar Apps like Share it That You Can Try for Sharing Files

Sharing file among friends, neighbours and other people is very common for today’s Smartphone users. Shareit is the most popular app among people for sharing their files. But if you are not happy with it’s performance or for any other drawback, Then this article about similar apps like share it will helps you to find best alternatives of share it.

Bluetooth is almost dead, now advance technology sharing apps has completely replaced the old slow bluetooth technology.It is the era of wi-fi technology. And apps like shareit are a major part of this technology. Though there are problems faced by few people while using shareit also some of you think that they could get a better option, then this article is for you guys. So here is the list of shareit alternatives.a

Best Shareit alternatives

Zapya app

The Zapya app is used to transfer files peer to peer. You can transfer big files within few minutes using this app. This app is mainly designed for mobile phone platform. This app is very easy to use. And the app will show the apps that are not common in both paired devices, so that if any app from the paired device is needed then you can easily download them on your device. This app is totally free to use and the latest version of this app is 4.4 version.

Key highlights

  • Very simple to use
  • Free unlimited sharing
  • There is a option of user groups, but the user groups are limited.
  • In-built media player.
  • Available for Android version 2.2 and upper


Xender is another alternative of shareit. It is free to use and very convenient. This is one of the fastest wi-fi file sharing app. You can easily install it in your Android device and use it smoothly. It has more than 2 million downloads and the newest version is 3.3.1025.

Key Highlights

  • Safe and convenient.
  • Available for Android 2.3 and more
  • Easy UI
  • Do not use data.
  • Sometimes gets restarted.


Pushbullet is a wireless file transfer app. Totally free to use. Also you don’t need to use your email account to use this app. This app is really fast and convenient. The worst part of this app this that you can only transfer a file of maximum 10 mb size, at a time. The newest version of this app is 15.6.7

Key Highlights

  • Wireless technology, easy and convenient to use.
  • You can share links too.
  • Their database records all previous shared data.

WiFi file transfer

You can use the wi-fi file transfer app to upload and download files using this app. It is a free app that allows you to share multiple files at a time. You can also zip and unzip files. They also give you the power to rename copy or delete any file. It works on a WLAN technology and you can also set a password you limit the access.

Key Highlights

  • Wireless technology
  • Zip/unzip option.
  • You can change the properties of the files.
  • Backdated design
  • Quite slower than the competitors

SuperBeam-WiFi Direct Share

The superbeam app is a file transferring app that allows you to transfer file in a very quick and convenient way. This app is usable for Android version 4.1 and more. The latest version of this app is 4.1.3. When you need to share any file via this app you just have to scan the QR code of the other device.

Key Highlights

  • Very fast sharing
  • They will always help you with instruction
  • You can use QR codes to share files
  • Not a mainframe UI
  • You can send your files using a browser

AT&T Mobile transfer

The AT&T mobile transfer is a free mobile app for Android users. Which help you to share files in a lightning fast way. This app is a powerful file transfer. The only version of this app comes within device. It is a part of the Productivity apps.

Key Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Fast working
  • Smart UI

Phone Copier-MOBILedit

This is a free app for android platform. That also a part of the Productivity apps. It is available for Android version 4.3 or more. This app will share your files in a lightning fast way. It was launched in the middle of 2017. Though it is a new app but it has great potential to get popular.

Key Highlights

  • Good User interface
  • Fast sharing
  • Easy to use
  • But it is a new app, not yet become so much popular.


This app will allow you to control your Android Smartphone using a browser. You can use this app to transfer file at the same time you are able to manage your music, videos, app etc. This app comes with a very good graphical user interface. And when it comes to file sharing then it is super fast.

Key Highlights

  • Good stability in connection
  • Wonderful UI
  • Easy to use
  • Sometimes when you move while file sharing the connection gets ended.


Wireless file transfer has become a major need for today’s generation. Everyone is using this technology. Shareit has become one of the most popular file sharing apps. But it comes with some drawbacks. To overcome this problem I have given you the list of similar apps like Share it. You just need to install them, from the given links or from the official websites. And get an experience of flawless file transferring.


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