How to Unsubscribe Unwanted Mails From Your Inbox?

unsubscribe mail

You may have no idea how website owners are taking your mails for marketing. Some take their mail using subscribe forum, where other use different tricks to get your mail id to make their marketing mail list large. And, spams are already there, even if you try best to keep your inbox spam clear, it won’t happen really. You will always find some unwanted mails in your inbox. That’s what call spam mail. So, the best way to deal with it is Unsubscribe mails. Yes, that’s the best way to cancel all unwanted mails, and you will never get any mails from that sender unless you want it.

unsubscribe mails

But, How ?. There is a long story behind before there was no unsubscribe option. But, with time the spams have increased, then Google makes it mandatory that everyone should put unsubscribe button for mail senders. But, rather than making it clear, mail sender put their enough effort to hide it. Now, Google becomes very strict and has put the unsubscribe option right at the top. Now, this is visible to everyone and easily anyone can unsubscribe undesired mails from their mail box. Most of the time, you will find those types of mail in your social, promotional and update section of your mail box.

Below, I will show you exactly how you can cancel mails that you don’t want to see in your inbox.

How to Unsubscribe Mails?

Here, is the step by step guide, follow these steps and you are free from that disturbing mail sender.

  • Open the mail that you want to unsubscribe.
  • Now, click the “unsubscribe” button right on the top of the mail.

  • After the one notification will popup having two options, “unsubscribe” and “cancel”. Click on the “Unsubscribe” option.

  • And, once you click on that, you are done. You will be redirected to a unsubscribed confirmation page. That means you will never receive any mail from that particular sender.


So, this was the easy simple way to unsubscribe mails. But, I have found for some of the mail senders, this option is now displaying. So, If you can’t find the unsubscribe option, how you can do this. Well, there is another way to unsubscribe mails. Next, I will show you another way to unsubscribe mails.


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How to Unsubscribe Mails When There is No Unsubscribe Option on The Top?

Now, if in the top no unsubscribe option is appearing that means you have to search for the unsubscribe option. Most of the mail senders used to send unsubscribes option along with the mail, even if it is small and hidden size text link.

  • Open that unwanted mail that you want to unsubscribe.
  • Now search for unsubscribe button, now if it difficult to find use Ctrl + F, and search for “unsubscribe” to find the button.
  • Once you have clicked on the button, it will redirect you to next unsubscribe procedure. Follow accordingly.

Warning! If You Are Using Unrollme

Are you using unrollme?, Then here is a bad news for you. Recently news has come that unrollme is spamming our emails and selling to private companies. Now, this could be very risky for safety of your accounts. So, I would suggest you not to use unrollme and instead of that, you can use above two methods. But, if you already using unrollme then delete the account right now. How to delete? have a look below

How to Delete Unrollme Account?

  • First, open unrollme and login to your account.
  • Now, click on the setting option available at the right corner.
  • After that scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to “Delete my account”.
  • Now, select a reason why you want to delete and then comfirm it.

Final Words

So, this was all how you can get ride off unwanted mails. Spam mails are not an uncommon thing; you will find many of them in your inbox. I would suggest never do a response to those mails, which looks like Spams. Also, never share your mail id, to a website which looks like spam, like adult sites. And, hopefully using the above methods you can easily unsubscribe from undesired mails and can keep your inbox spam free.

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