How to Use Mobile Internet on PC/Laptop Using Tethering

how to use mobile internet on your pc

There are several ways you can connect your smartphone to PC/laptop to enjoy the mobile internet on PC. However, tethering has made the thing very easy. With no technical skills, you can simply connect your mobile to PC and can share the mobile internet data with PC. And, in this guide, I will show you how exactly you can do this.

how to use mobile internet on your pc

Nowadays, almost all smartphones come with default tethering option into their system, if you don’t have search tethering app on Google, you will find many [connectify is my favorite]. Download anyone of your choice, all works similarly, but if you already have tethering on your mobile, don’t need to install any external app. By connecting your mobile internet to PC, you can surf the internet, watch youtube videos, play games online, access your Gmail,  and you can do anything with the internet.

Mobile tethering has different options to connect, USB Tethering, Wifi Hotspot, Bluetooth tethering. You can connect using any options to connect mobile to PC.

Connect mobile internet to PC using WiFi tethering

This is the easiest one, just turns on your mobile WiFi network and connects the laptop /PC or mobiles with its wifi network. Also, if you a private network, you can set your own secure password for limited access. Below, I have given step by step tutorial, have a look

  1. First, go to your mobile setting option, and then open mobile network option. [ for some mobile it might come under more setting options]
  2. Now, go to tethering and portable option [this option might name differently on your mobile, please look around for tethering option there]
  3. Next, turn on the portable WiFi hotspot and set the password if you want to.
  4. By following the above steps, you will start your mobile WiFi network. After that look for WiFi network in your laptop or PC and connect with it. [If you set password access give the same password to connect to PC]


Remember: Always turn your mobile data on, while you are using WiFi tethering on PC/laptop, or else you can’t use your mobile internet. Also, your mobile might get little warm while using WiFi tethering, so try to keep it cool. However, there is another advantage of it, you can connect multiple devices using WiFi tethering.

Connect mobile internet to PC using USB tethering

This is probably the best and safest way for your mobile and PC. As, in this method, you will directly connect your mobile internet to PC using a USB connector, It will become less heated and your battery will be safe. I personally use USB tethering to connect to my laptop. As this will connect through USB, so you’re mobile will also charge while you use mobile internet on PC. However, with USB tethering only one PC can be connected at a time.

  1. Open the mobile tethering options.
  2. Now connect your mobile and PC using a USB connector.
  3. After that turn on your mobile USB tethering and it will automatically get connected.


Remember: Like the previous one, you must need to turn on your mobile data to enjoy mobile internet on PC using USB. Also, use proper USB cable to connect mobile and PC or laptop. And in my opinion, this method is safe and easy.

Connect mobile internet using Bluetooth tethering

Now, if you want to connect with a device that doesn’t support WiFi, or USB, then you can go with Bluetooth tethering. You can connect with multiple devices at the same time by turning on your Bluetooth virtual network. Connecting mobile internet on PC using Bluetooth is little tricky than other methods, so follow the steps carefully.

  1. To turn your Bluetooth tethering on, first connect the both device, your mobile phone and the device you want to connect, using Bluetooth.
  2. Set up your PC or laptop to get network connections using Bluetooth.
  3. Now go to your mobile tethering option and turn the Bluetooth tethering on.

Remember: Before you can connect your mobile using Bluetooth tethering, you must pair Bluetooth connectivity before.

Which method do I recommend?

I have used three of them to use mobile internet on my laptop. However, three of these methods works perfectly. But, I found that USB tethering is the best way to do this, As this will doesn’t make your mobile warm and you will get good internet speed, as the only one PC is dedicated to delivering the mobile Internet data. So, I recommend USB tethering over the other two options. And, the extra benefit that I got is, mobile charging while I use the internet my mobile also charge. However, you can use WiFi and Bluetooth if you want to connect with multiple devices.

So, this was all about how you can use mobile internet data to enjoy the internet on your other devices like PC and laptop. Although, if you are connecting through your mobile tethering your mobile might get little warm, but with USB, how far I have observed, mobile don’t get much heated. Most of the device has inbuilt tethering option now ways, but If you don’t have the try: connectify,  Hotspot shield, or other Hotspot network creator apps. Did it help? You can share your suggestions in the comment. All the best!

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