Voltas AC Review – Does it work in long run?

votas ac review

This post is all about Voltas Ac Review and why Voltas is a very big Ac brand to take a name of. It is extremely popular for its high collections of ACs. It is a part of the TATA enterprise. In the last 10 years, they have grown bigger due to their innovative implementations of technologies, lightweight fantastic outer looks, and simple but outstanding features that made Voltas Ac better than other brands like Sansui, Samsung, Daikin, Hitachi, Llyod. Here, we will do an honest voltas ac review to find out what are pro’s and con’s it has before you buy this. Today, I will give you detailed aspects of Voltas AC’s review of how much it creates an impression among users. Is it really one of the best brands of Ac? Let’s find out.

Why Voltas Ac?

Certain reasons made it rule over the market in a monopoly manner. Seriously some factors of Voltas AC’s are uniquely power performers for making your room at your desired temperature.

  • Filters used in Voltas AC’s are the best in technology.
  • It can be restarted automatically for resuming the setting post power cut.
  • It also thinks about the electricity bill! It has a special feature “sleep mode” for saving your energy at night.
  • It also comes up with an aluminum condenser for effective cooling and faster-desired response.
  • Dehumidification facility for soaking moisture.
  • It also helps to reduce the moisture of the room.

Some of them are also present in other brands but Voltas give them to you at a minimum price with better quality. Hence it is called one of the best.

Voltas AC Review [Full Detailed]

Now let’s go through all the features and qualities that describe its properties and how it performs. Is it really worthy of calling one of the best brands of Ac?


The compressor of Voltas is far better than Hitachi or Llyod. It is very high in terms of its capacity and can perform fast cooling for a large space. When we consider the price tag of various similar AC’s available in the market like Hitachi, Sansui or Samsung it gives the maximum output at an optimized price, thus why it’s better in cooling with regarding price.


Talking about build quality, it is neither extremely good nor bad. It lies in between these two. The build material used in higher priced Ac’s is too good but lower-priced Voltas AC’s are not a full performer. According to the price, it’s ok.


Durability is great in Voltas AC. It has quite good-adjusted of its hardware along with built-in material which performs a cooling activity in a good manner. It also helps you to have clean air releasing less CFC that is harmful to us.


As with LG or Samsung AC’s, Voltas is also the same providing the same upgrading torque and decreasing voltage within the same price range. If you now compare it with Hitachi or Llyod or blue star then it will be a little unfair because they offer the best at a little higher price also. Apart from that, Voltas is good for decreasing your voltage power. It also gives a dual temperature display. Voltas has won Energy efficiency awards also which simply implies how good they are power consumption.

The looks of Voltas Ac’s are also nice. They ensure their customers are satisfied with the beauty of their product. Recently in competition with other popular Air Conditioners Brands like Samsung, Blue Star and Hitachi their improving their designs more to catch up with the speed that everybody tries to get in design.

Specifications of Voltas Ac

Some striking and some common features will make you realize that Voltas provide some genuine authenticity in cooling your room. Let’s check out these highlighting features of Voltas ACs:

Air Vent

The air vent in Voltas AC is designed in a cross-flow manner. It is done so that Cool air blows through all the corners of the room and reducing the noise also.

Copper Tubes

Copper tubes that are used in Voltas AC’s are implemented on the inner side. As a result, it doesn’t get affected by any damages.


Voltas has special LED glow buttons which seem very colorful. Besides that, for larger rooms, they are quick enough to breeze the room with coolness with their Turbo mode quick cooling. In your sleeping time, you can turn on sleep mode for less noise. The dual function temperature display is also similar to LG ac in Voltas ac.


Its filter is anti dustproof and less prone to other bacterial attacks.

IDU Coil

The coil of Voltas AC’s is a hydrophilic aluminum core.

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Author’s words

So this was the detailed Voltas AC review, Voltas is the trustworthy brand for using in our rooms for cooling. Passing with good marks in all fields Voltas is a good choice for selecting as an AC brand though it is little poor of build material as compared to other brands Samsung, Blue Star, Hitachi or Llyod but apart from that, it is a good one. Here I have made a detailed voltas ac review with different specifications review and all. Hope you find this review useful.

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