How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming, and Get Live Score Updates?

Hi, Are struggling to Watch Cricket live streaming? Or want to know the what is the live Cricket score right now?. Well, If you are looking for these two questions, then in this article you are going to find answer both of them. Here I will show you how easily you can watch live Cricket streaming, also this guide includes the information about how you get live score updates on PC and Smartphones (Android, IOS, Windows). So keep reading, because I know, you don’t want to miss any moment of cricket. Do you?

How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming, and Get Live Score Updates?

There are many websites to watch live cricket online and get score updates. Here, I have mentioned one of the genuine websites that is Hotstar, and this is one of the most popular websites to get live score updates and watch cricket live online. Now if you can’t enjoy the match on the stadium, you can enjoy it from anywhere, anytime, using this Hotstar.

How to Watch Cricket Live Using Hotstar?

Now Hotstar is the only reliable source where you can watch live Cricket. Anyone can watch live match using Hotstar website and app for free. Yes, Hotstar never charges for watching crickets live, only you need to create one account on Hotstar and you are set to watch live Cricket. But, How exactly you can watch live cricket stream on Hotstar?. Below, I have given step by step guide how exactly you can use Hotstar to watch live cricket.

  • Once you have downloaded the app, Sign in to your account, and open Hotstar app. Now, go to the sports section and open cricket subcategory on Hotstar.

Hotstar > Sports > Cricket

  1. After you have opened cricket section, now click to the live streaming and that’s it. Your live streaming will star playing


Note: Make sure you have connected with good internet connectivity. Because, Hotstar consumes lots of data while watching online live streaming. I have shown the screenshots for website version, the app version also works the same way. And, for information, you also can find highlights of Cricket match is you missed it.


How To Get Live Score Updates Of Cricket 2019?

There are many websites are there who give live updates of a cricket score. But, some website updates the score very slowly, where some update the current score. Here, I have mentioned some website and how you can get the current live scores without any delay.


This is a very genuine web platform to get cricket score updates. They deliver the score real time with their web application. However, now Cricbuzz is getting more advanced, you can chat with cricket fans, get live commentary, Latest News, Schedule and almost everything that you need to know.

How to get Cricket live score updates using Cricbuzz?

  • Open Cricbuzz app or website that is
  • Click to the “live score” section. And that’s all. It will show up the live scores. And the interesting fact is if you stay this page the score automatically updates, no need to refresh the page to get updates.


Now, this website also offers live score updates on the go. Also, you can access other interesting things like News, Schedule, and blogs.

How to get live Cricket live score updates using Sportskeeda?

  • Open Sportskeeda website. That is
  • Now, follow the flow diagram to get live score updates from Cricket. Open menu > Cricket > Live score.
  • And you are done. Once you open the live score page, you can find current updates of live scores of ICC Champions league.

Best Apps To Get Cricket Live Score Updates

Apps make things easier. Also, let you updated with cricket updates. Here, i have shown some of the best apps where you can get live latest cricket score updates online.

  • Cricbuzz mobile app : Available for Android, IOS, Windows phones. They have something cool, all Indian language app. With this app, you can find Indian language updates, also with commentatory.
  • Cricitch mobile app. Now, this app is available for I-phones, I pad, and Android. They also give current cricket updates.
  • Cricket Live Scores and News. This app is only available for Android users. With live score updates, you also can enjoy their fresh news.
  • Cricket Live Line. You can find it on Android and IOS store. Cricket live line is a very popular app for getting live score reports.

So, these are some of the best apps to get live cricket score updates, I use Cricbuzz for getting score updates. It gives real-time score updates and anyone can get it for free. Also, if you want more fun you can use Crickbuzz chat after sign up.

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This was all about how you can watch live cricket matches online and get live cricket score updates. These websites and apps work great. However, for watching live cricket I do prefer Hotstar and for getting live score updates Cricbuzz is the best. But, obviously, you can try other applications.

Do you know any other websites or app for watching live cricket or getting live cricket scores?. Comment below if you know. I would love to hear from you.

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