5 Ways to Protect Your Children From Adult Sites

children internet security and safety

The Internet is not safe for your children unless you make it safe by protecting your child from adult sites. There are thousands of adult content on the internet which can be accessed within a sec. And, these contents may impact on their life. And, not just adult sites, some spam websites can lead to major problems for your children like malicious contents.

children internet security and safety

So, you should be paying extra attention to this serious issue. Now, the question comes how to protect your children’s from accessing these adult sites. Children’s are very curious, so what I would be suggesting first, tell them about the bad sides of these contents. But, as I told before they are curious too much, they may get destructed sometimes. So, to make your children safe from this type of content, Here, I bought 5 ways to protect your kids from browsing adult sites. The last one is my favorite.

Block Unwanted Adult Websites Using OpenDNS

Now, you don’t need to be a techie to do this. It’s simple and easy, anyone can easily do this. OpenDNS used the technology to block websites automatically when someone browses any adult sites. So, after setting up this, whenever your children will visit any adult site next time, it will automatically filter the adult sites and block them on any brewers. Now, let’s go and check it out, how to do this.

How to block websites using OpenDNS?

  • First, open http://opendns.com/start, and choose your device accordingly.
  • Now, select the configuration of your device and click on that.
  • It will show you a guide how you can set up OpenDNS for your device. Just follow the instruction.
  • Or, here are the nameservers you can set up it manually by changing your Internet Protocol Version 4 settings. and

Restrict Malicious Websites Browsing using Web of Trust

Your child is never safe on malicious websites. Someone can land on these sites from Google search, or Social Media or from anywhere on the web. So, you should take preventions for malicious sites. Now, here WOT or web of trust comes to action to save you from landing any malicious websites. It’s a Google Chrome extension that will show all untrusted sites on the web. And, the best thing is, you can use it for PC as well as on mobile app also.

How to use Web of Trust to Detect Malicious Websites?

  • Open https://www.mywot.com/, and download the extension, or you can browse chrome extension store and search for “Web of Trust”.
  • After successful installation, turn it on.
  • Now, make a search on the Google, you would find the trust level is being displayed beside the search results. It shows a warning when you land on any malicious site.

Track What Your Child Is Doing on the Internet

You can’t be with your kids all long day, as you have lots of tasks to do. But, your children cyber protection is always important. However, there is a solution to it. You can track your children activity what they are doing on the web when you are not with them. And you know what! they will never browse something bad in front of you. Will they?. So, the best way to keep watch of their activity by tracking their internet activity. Okay, but how to do that?, Below I have given some ways you can track web activity of your children’s.

  • You can track using much software available online like Safety web, Socialshield, McGruff SafeGuard and more likewise. They will track the activity and will show you the report of activity on any computer.
  • Also, you can use quick heal children web protection. Parents will have full control on what their children should not browse. Click here for more information about it.

Block Specific Website Manually

If have any priority of sites that you don’t want your kids to visit. You can do it by blocking them manually. However, one can use browser extensions to do this job. Also, you can block sites by going to browser settings. Before I have written one post on how to block websites on chrome, you can check this out.

How to block Specific websites manually

  • You can download and install extensions for browsers.
  • Or you can use OpenDNS to block individual sites.
  • Also, you can take software’s help.
  • Almost all browsers have by default sites blocking options in settings, you can use them.

Educate Your Child about Harmful Sides of Internet

Now, this is the best way. Sit with your children and let them know about the dark sides of these. Sexual education can make them for a better choice, educate them first and let them decide what is good and what is not. This will solve the root of this problem. Even if you are blocking sites, remember your kids are smart enough to break it. If they are curious to see, they will find it anyway.

So, it’s always better to give them knowledge about this. Yes, I know you might not feel comfortable to explain these things directly with them, you can refer some books or article to read so that they can understand it clearly. This will give you a solution that will be permanent.

How to Educate Your Children about Harmful Sides of Web?

  • Refer them good books that taught about internet good and bad effects.
  • There are thousands of articles on the web, ask them to read about it.
  • Educate them for sexual education.

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Last Words

You are the craftsman of your children future. Don’t make any mistake by overlooking the effect of bad side of the internet. It’s not just about adult sites, they can get trapped to the serious problem because of the internet. So, always educate themselves about good and bad sides of the internet. Also, you can try out the methods I have mentioned above. Hopefully, this article helps you with your children web protection.

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