What Your Domain Name Does for You

As a small business owner, you may not have given as much thought to your domain name as you have to your company name. In fact, you’ve probably chosen to try and use your business name as your URL. There might be two problems with that. First, you may be the only Sal’s Pizza in town, but it’s unlikely that you’re the only one on the web. Second, your domain is your unique identifier that tells customers where to find you on the web.

Those are good reasons why you should give careful thought to your domain name, but there’s more to it than that.

A Good Domain Name Also Helps With SEO.

It isn’t necessary to choose a domain name that’s the same as your business name. If your business name is common, it may already be taken anyway. Search engines tend to rank domain names higher if they’re longer than average and SEO optimized with appropriate keywords. That allows you the room to create an individualized, memorable URL that’s search engine-friendly.

Makes You Look More Professional

There are platforms where you can get a free domain, but the good names are usually unavailable or pricey. That means the remaining names are limited, of poor quality and not very optimized. Spending a relatively small amount of money to register a name that will benefit your small business puts you in league with bigger players. On the internet, the playing field is a little more even, and you can do well with just a minimal investment to look successful. Good marketing and great content will take you the rest of the way.

It Helps With Branding

Successful branding requires a unified approach that covers everything from the colors you choose to your logo. You want clients to be able to instantly recognize anything associated with your business by name and appearance. Registering a professional domain also provides you with an email address to go with it. You’ll look more professional with a branded name than a generic email address.

It Gives You Freedom of Choice

Many times, small business owners trying to save money and end up with unintended consequences. Not purchasing and registering a domain means you’re stuck with that provider. Having a domain that’s yours allows you to choose a different server or hosting service without leaving your name behind.

When it comes to small business eCommerce solutions, finding a company that knows the ins and outs of marketing from domain name selection to scalability is essential. It’s the job of web design professionals to keep on top of the latest trends and best practices so you won’t have to. Consider it an investment in your future success.

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