Why Should You Employ 360 Feedback Program in Your Organization?


The fastest and most effective way to grow in the present time of competition is to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. When you are running a business, the calibre, potential and shortcomings of every staff member matters a lot. It is important that you take actions to ensure that your employees are effective, productive and helpful for your organization. There is no point of gathering deadwood in your organization.

Feedbacks are Helpful

The best thing that you can do today is go ahead and find out where you lack. To find out the shortcomings of your employees and organization as a whole; there can nothing be more helpful than a feedback. The more feedbacks you have, the better you know about your potential and calibre. You can use exclusive tools like 360 degree feedback performance appraisal and take a step towards effectiveness in the organization. As the name of the tool says, it gets you feedbacks from 360 angles. It means you can know what exactly people have to say about the working in your organization and the employees.

Feedbacks for managers

If you have managers in your organization then make sure that they are getting regular feedbacks for their improvement. Nobody can improve unless they know where they lack. Of course, once your manager knows where he is going wrong; he can mend the ways accordingly. Managers do play a great role in every organization. Managers don’t have to take care of their work only but have to keep an eye on the working of the department members or subordinates too. Such a thing is really difficult if you are not equipped with proper tactics. Now, if your manager is shallow or lacking somewhere, that thing would negatively affect the subordinates too.

Feedbacks from everyone

If you are thinking about the raters then you need not to worry. Under this program, you can come across many people who give feedbacks.

  • Internal feedbacks

First of all, there are internal sources of feedbacks. Opinions come from subordinates, seniors, peers, co-workers, team members and so on. The good part is that the names of the raters are kept hidden. It is to make sure that no type of bitterness emerges in the working space. In this way, the manager gets to know where he or she lacks and they can work accordingly to improve their work.

  • External Feedbacks

Then there is a category of external feedbacks too. These feedbacks come from the people who work with the employee but are not in the organization. These external raters are like clients, suppliers, venders and so on. In this way, it gets clear that the feedback comes from all directions. Nobody can say that the feedback was bias. Of course, every individual with the specific employee would have had a specific experience.

Suitable for almost every organization

If you are thinking that the program or concept of 360 feedbacks is suitable only for a few types of organizations then you are wrong. No matter which industry you belong to, the program can be helpful for you. The purpose is only to familiarise your employees with the feedbacks people have for them. But it is worth mentioning here that the firm or business should have at least fifteen to twenty employees minimum. There is a reason for this, have a look below:

  • If there are only a few employees in an organization, everybody would get to know who gave which feedback. Such a thing would create tension in the working setting.
  • Secondly, since the number of employees is les, there is no need to carry out that structured program of 360. You can simply have the conventional ways of feedbacks like seniors telling the subordinates and so on.

The point is apart from very small sized businesses or companies, every organization can do wonders with the help of feedback programs. After all, it is about how you use it and make the most out of it.

New ideas of working

Feedbacks not just give the employees an idea about what their strengths or weaknesses are; these also tell them about the new ways they can work. In this way, there remains a lot of effectivity and efficiency. The staff members get to know about the new perspectives and ways of doing a task. For example, if a staff member has given a feedback about an employee that he or she could use another way to execute their tasks; it might open up new doors for that employee. Of course, sharing always helps in growth and growth.

Moreover, when you conduct feedback programs, you not just give a chance to people to know about their weaknesses and strengths; you also give them a chance to get acquainted with new sets of skills and techniques. You give them a chance to anonymously keep forward their ideas. In this way, employees who, otherwise, hesitate to say something upfront would put into words everything they want to convey. At the end of the day your purpose is to know what is being said about the employees and if there are new ways in which a specific individual can work.

A feeling of goodness

It might not be on your mind but it is true as well. Once you run or conduct a feedback or appraisal program in your organization, you might, indirectly, sow the seeds of respect and loyalty in your employees. Of course, they would get to share high views about you. They would feel thankful towards their organization for giving them a chance to know where they lack and where they need to improve. After all, it is not just good for the organization but for the individual development too. When the individual employees grow, only then the organization grows right?


So, you should try out this 360 program of feedback in your organization at least once. You will definitely get some helpful insights and get to know about things that are important for your development.


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