How To Write A Perfect Blog Post Introduction Quickly [Useful Guide]

As a blogger, I often face some problem while writing a Perfect Blog Post Introduction. After writing for a long time, I found it tough to write down and attract the readers. Sometimes it gets repeated, sometimes becomes boring, or faces writer’s block too. And I am sure many of you may face the problem too. But, with time and practice, i get to know about a lot of tips and good practices that can make a blog post Introduction great.

Today, I am going to share my experience with you all regarding the problems and how I have fought back to keep my readers attentive to my blog posts. It will surely help you to discover new ways to write interesting Blog Post Introductions. Beginners also can try the methods.

Here you will get to know about Introduction, its importance, some elements to write catchy introductions, examples of some blog posts with interesting introductions, and much more. So try the tricks and must share your discoveries too. Let’s dive in.

What is an Introduction?

“First Impression is the Last Impression”

Generally, an introduction is a formal presentation of people, products, or something else to others for the first time. In case of Blog Posts, the meaning of Introduction is quite similar. Here we formally introduce our Blog Posts related to any particular topic to the readers.

The controversial quote may not appropriate for everything or every situation, but it is quite appropriate for blog posts. Because not a single reader reads the whole blog post and then accept or reject the methods. What do they do? They read the Introduction first and then decide whether to read it or not. If you can’t grab the interests of someone on introduction you lose the visitor. This may lead to higher bounce rate and lower ranking.

That is why it is very important to be very impressive or satisfying for the readers. If they found it impressive and believe that whatever they are looking for can be found here, they will keep reading your blog post until the end for sure.

General Introduction Vs Blog Post Introduction

Generally, Introduction simply means formal presentation including information about any person or products or on other topics.

On the other hands, Blog Post Information is different. If you think providing valuable information about the topic from the beginning may attract the readers, then I must say you are wrong. You have first 2-3 seconds to catch the attention of a visitor. if you fail to do it, the visitor will bounce.

Introductions for Blog Posts should be like “Content Index” of a book or a “Menu Card” of restaurants by which the readers/ customers know about what they are going to get and how it is going to help them. In the same way, write in the introduction about what they are going to get from the blog posts, the methods or others facts which will help them to realize that it is the perfect destination for them.

Requirements For Writing a Perfect Blog Post Introduction


According to me, the basic requirements for writing a perfect blog post introduction are thinking like a reader and writing like an expert. Yes, You have to think like the readers first, have to analyze the queries that can come up to their minds and always be confident when you are writing on a topic.

If you can recognize their problems then first let them realize that you have understood their problems, it helps the readers to correlate the blog post to their problems. Then promise to help them out of the problems by giving a review on your overall blog post like about the topic, classification/ features/ methods/ tricks/ pros, and cons of the topic, etc.

Tips To Write Better Introduction


There are many elements available which attract the readers more than anything else to read the blog posts. It might be some famous dialogue like Terminator’s “Hasta La Vista” or any question related to the topic or something else. All these attract the readers more and it is psychologically proven. Write something that is very easy to understandable and interesting. Below, I have shown some types of blog introduction that is proven to attract the visitors. You can try these according to your needs.

Sharing Personal Experience

Sharing personal experience regarding a topic attracts the readers most. If you don’t believe then read the introduction to the Blog Post again. I also shared my problems that I have faced earlier. And that is the reason you are here, still reading the post.

Because sharing personal experience helps the readers to relate to their own problems. They realize the commonality between you and them, and hence they start reading the Blog Post with interest, with the expectation to get the perfect solution for you.

Related Stories

Like Personal Experiences, Related Stories attract the readers also. Stories by which readers can feel the commonality of problems or queries they want. Human minds more likely to stick with stories then anything else, so if you have a story, put it in the introduction.

But you must keep in mind that the introduction is for all, not for one category readers or readers with only one kind of problem. Relating a story sometimes overlook other users and as a result, other readers may lose their interest in your blog post.


Questions are also very useful to bring the readers because when the readers read the questions they want to know on your blog post, psychology they become satisfied that your blog post is definitely going to solve their problems or provide information for their queries.

For this, writers must analyze the questions first and you have to think from the reader’s view of what queries or question might come to their mind about the topic. If you can analyze it, half of your task is complete.

Reasons to Read Your Blog Post

You should give a strong reason why should they read your article?. If you can give strong reasons,  it will grab the attention of the visitors instantly. However, You must let them know what they will get from your article. They do not ask for or look for the reasons, but getting the reasons attracts the readers.

Like, I have said before, analyze, promise and give a review on the overall Blog Post in the Introduction to your article. It helps them to feel familiar or friendly which is very much needed to keep the readers attentive.

Facts and Numbers

Interesting facts are also very catchy for the readers. But you must keep in mind that the facts must be related to the topic you are writing and the readers are searching for. Unnecessary elements distract the readers and they think it worthless.

According to latest SEO statistics, Blog Posts with numbers on their title (like “Top 10 Models”, “Top 12 Billionaires of the world”, etc) have attracted more readers in comparison of others. Today every reader want fast answers, thus they feel affirmative for the blog posts with numbers.

Creating Suspense

Suspense creates curiosity like nothing else. It makes all of us Anxious to reveal the truth and know them. So creating suspense is also a great trick for the writers to attract readers and keep them reading until the end.

But suspense must be interesting. If the readers think that you are creating unnecessary suspense then they will stop reading and may abandon visiting on your site too. So be careful.

Addressing Readers Directly

Sometimes addressing the readers directly, like Are ‘YOU’ looking for the solution? Do ‘YOU’ feel the same problem? Etc, help the readers feel friendly and think the post has been written for them only. Hence the readers start preferring the site for solutions related to any problem.

It is very easy and simple way to write a catchy introduction to blog posts.

Gentle Approach

Though writers are advised to use “I”, “You”, or others, while writing, but the way of sharing information or methods or tricks must be very cool and friendly. Sometimes the wrong way becomes insulting to others. You must approach the readers very gently.

Always try to write a complete article including a detailed description, methods, and others which may help minors and adults, men and women, school students and highly educated persons.


You must have read the quote I have used above i.e. “First impression is the last impression”. You may not believe, but unconsciously you have gained interest after reading the quote and it is also a reason for your stay.

But let’s not bother the readers with many quotes. Use only closely related quotes which you think may attract the readers. If you found none, just avoid applying quotes.


These are all about writing a perfect blog post introduction. You can also use the catchy elements mentioned above like sharing personal experiences, stories, facts, and numbers, creating suspense, questions, quotes,  for your readers to keep them reading until the end. So try them out and get a better result. If there is anything you want to share with us, please do comments below.

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