Do you want to get rid of the blocked YouTube? Want to unblock YouTube?, Then you are in the right place. Here, we will show you the best available youtube proxy websites, servers, apps, and extensions so that you can unblock YouTube easily. You might be confused about the process, here we will provide you the proper guide to unblock YouTube anywhere.

There may be a lot of sites and extensions available on the internet related to this topic, after a lot of research we came up with the best YouTube unblocking apps, servers, and sites, extensions which provide 100% working surety. You will be able to use them to unblock YouTube SSL with ease and can unblock youtube videos.

There are many countries, states, regions and in some places like school, workplace, colleges, where server blocked youtube for many purposes. These YouTube unblocker apps, sites, servers, and extensions, will help you to unblock youtube anywhere.

Best YouTube Unblocker Sites and Servers 2018

Proxy Address

Best Android YouTube Unblocker Apps

  • VPN Easy

VPN Easy is a totally free proxy. It does not require any signup and registration. You can easily unblock YouTube from anywhere on the planet by using VPN easy and it secures your Android internet on the public wireless hotspot.

  • Free VPN Proxy from Snap VPN

Free VPN Proxy is a fast proxy with unlimited usage. You do not need any registration or any username and password to log in to it. You can easily unblock YouTube with this VPN proxy and browse privately.

It provides massive security from restricted websites and servers which block YouTube, and you can easily sneak through them.

  • Hola Free VPN Proxy

Hola Free VPN gives you simple access to your favorite content. You can watch and view contents from around the globe just by switching countries easily. It is absolutely free and you can browse the web securely and privately.

  • VPN Proxy Master-free security

VPN Proxy Master is the best and unlimited app for the Android platform to unblock YouTube and visit most of the restricted websites. It protects data privacy, personal information, and internet security. It works with almost every carriers including WiFi, LTE, 3G, and other networks.

  • Turbo VPN – Unlimited free VPN

 Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN- screenshot thumbnail

Turbo VP is very fast and it is absolutely free of cost. It is the best VPN client for Android platform. It has a lot of free cloud proxy provider for better VPN service. Turbo VPN works on almost every network carrier available today.

YouTube Unblocker Extensions For Chrome and Mozilla

If you are an avid user of PC and mostly use Chrome and Mozilla as your favorite browsers, you might be confused how to access and unblock YouTube using these browsers. We will provide you the best possible ways to unblock YouTube by using some Chrome and Mozilla extensions:

  • YouTube Unblock for Chrome
  • ProxTube
  • YouTube Unblocker
  • YouTuber Unblocker Pro for Mozilla
Cargo VPN is greatly recommended for safe unblocking YouTube and anonymous browsing. Can be installed on up to five devices within one subscription.

Wrap Up

We have provided the best possible ways to unblock YouTube. These are the best YouTube unblocker sites, servers, Android apps and extensions which will allow you to unblock and use YouTube from anywhere on the planet. Do let us know which one worked for you best.